9 Tales NFT Heroes Wanted

Place/Date: - December 12th, 2021 at 8:00 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: 9Tales NFT

9 Tales NFT Heroes Wanted
Photo: 9Tales NFT

Are you into crypto and gaming? Do you want to earn money while you play? If this sounds like fantasy, well, you might be half right. 9 Tales is an exciting NFT project aiming to unite the worlds of Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and cryptocurrency. At this early stage, the founders are in advanced phases of negotiations with big investors for a sizeable pre-seed funding.

Eruine, 9Tales creator, said:

“We have big ambitions for 9 Tales, but then it’s an epic project. We’ve already designed 9,999 stunning hard-drawn artworks imagined from the 9 Tales’ game universe. Much like the famous CCGs that inspired us like Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, the art is a crucial element of the concept and we’ll release the art first, as 9,999 unique NFTs.” .

The Prophecy

9 Tales is an NFT collection steeped in myth and magic. The story tells of a time when a champion will rise from the ranks of 9,999 warriors and defend the world from the legions of hell. It is these warriors that comprise the unique 9 Tales NFT collection and each one will be wholly unique.

The Fight Begins

The presale of 9Tales was a real success with more than 250 NFTs sold. The public sale is open in the 1st phase, with a very limited amount of 505 NFTs. 9Tales wants to reward the early enthusiasts of the game before the release of the first prototype. To be part of their community you can mint here. Interested parties are also invited to follow the project through their Medium blog.

A Test of Character

One thing we can say for sure is that NFT owners will be rewarded with specific perks based on the token they hold. 9 Tales is keeping its cards close to its chest for now, but after the public sale,  the team plan to involve members in the game’s development.

A Fantastic Concept

9 Tales is a big project and perhaps what’s most intriguing about it is the huge, multi-faceted storyline . Token holders, gamers, and anyone else in the community are invited to witness the massive narrative play out over nine separate realms and through nine unique tales. The game itself, while still in development, will operate a play-to-earn model totally free to play. This means players will be able to generate income while they play, a dream come true for many avid gamers. They introduced a new innovative compete to earn model where skilled players will be massively rewarded.

Minty Fresh

One unique aspect of the 9 Tales collection is the minting process. The organisation, despite storing the collection on the Ethereum blockchain claims to have discovered a workaround that minimizes the gas fees for minters.

For more information check their website.