Achain Is En Route to Greater Scalability with Achain 2.0 Testnet Launch

August 2nd, 2019 at 7:51 am UTC · 5 min read

Achain Is En Route to Greater Scalability with Achain 2.0 Testnet Launch

The Achain 2.0 mainnet [test network] was officially launched on July 29, 2019, as a result of six months of focused development. Achain 2.0 is the foundation of “Achain Galaxy” and is a complete upgrade of Achain 1.0. Developers can now deploy DApps on the Achain 2.0 mainnet [test network] and explore new features as they participate in testing on the 2.0 platform.

Achain 2 (build 1.0.4) is the first public release of the Achain 2.0 [test network] which launches the actx.cdt toolbox for compiling smart contracts and supports the deployment of contracts in the Achain 2.0 test network. The system-based contract can issue multiple assets. The decentralized system through consensus nodes, the blockchain browser, and the Achain 2.0 wallet are in development, with release dates to be announced shortly.

Achain is an established public blockchain that has pioneered blockchain architecture research and development. The first stage of Achain’s main network development was a single-chain system that supported business development as the team worked towards our new mainnet. Achain then launched an upgrade of the main network with Achain 2.0. This new mainnet satisfies the Achain Galaxy network technology goals.

Achain 2.0 supports multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystems that are at the leading edge of blockchain 3.0 development trends. Until now, a major obstacle to the adoption of blockchain technologies has been the silo-ing of chains that have operated in isolation. Achain Galaxy supports interoperability between chains built in the ecosystem while offering developers the autonomy and flexibility to build blockchains that meet their use-cases. The main features of Achain 2.0 are as follows:

Technical Upgrades

Compared to the previous mainchain, Achain 2.0 greatly reduces data synchronization processing times to provide stronger contract performance and includes greater customizability and enhanced on-chain community management tools.

The Achain 2.0 programming language is more developer-friendly when compared to the niche and difficult-to-understand Solidity language supported by Ethereum. Achain 2.0 adopted the open standard WASM (Web Assembly) which can compile other languages (C, C++, Go, Java, etc.) into the WASM binary code.

It is supported by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and has been integrated into all major browsers. By implementing WASM, Achain 2.0 radically reduces development learning costs and storage requirements.

Achain 2.0 TPS (transactions per second) increased significantly. Testing demonstrated that a single chain can reach 3000+TPS, which triples the amount of the previous mainnet.

More importantly, TPS is theoretically infinite in the Galaxy multi-chain ecosystem, where transactions can be distributed across multiple chains. Achain 2.0 has been designed to meet the demands of large-scale commercial and enterprise blockchain applications thanks to its scalability and the ease with which DApps can be developed and deployed on-chain.

In addition to its technological innovations, the Achain 2.0 mainnet attracts DApp development on a platform that can provide users with a complete account system and more flexible account permissions allowing users to facilitate exchange valuable information.

Voting Governance Upgrades

Achain 2.0 adheres to the principle whereby each ACT is equivalent to one vote that may be cast once. One ACT, in other words, can only vote for one node. Such a rule mitigates problems of vote manipulation and collusion.

EOS is an industry DPoS blockchain leader. However, EOS community development has encountered a huge bottleneck as 21 supernodes are concentrated in one country. The situation is contrary to the spirit of blockchain globalization and decentralization. A major concern is that multiple voting is possible on the chain (i.e.) one vote can be utilized to vote for more than one node, creating a situation wherein supernodes can collude to consolidate their position. Nodes providing silent contributions are relatively small in size and do not receive fair incentives.

In contrast, Achain’s principle of one vote per token held is fair and equitable, devolving responsibility to every member of the community to discover and support excellent nodes to achieve a decentralized governance structure.

Enhanced Community Support

Achain is committed to fostering autonomy for all segments of the community: the developers, users, and beyond. The transparent community management practices that have been put into place and planned decentralization of the blockchain reflect this overall dedication.

The “Bounty Hunter” platform is the first, important piece of Achain’s community outreach program.

On this platform, community members can claim tasks that benefit the community and earn rewards for completed work. Developers can also qualify for both capital and resources via ACapital, an extension of the Achain Foundation and Aurora Chain focused on building the ecosystem with starting capital of 30 million ACT and 1 billion AOA tokens.

Community autonomy is the foundation for collaboration and a thriving multi-chain and cross-chain ecology. Blockchains launched on the Achain platform enjoy the freedom to interconnect with other chains on the network or to remain independent. As the first interstellar member of Achain Galaxy, Aurora Chain is an important contributor to the network.

Aurora Chain has deployed 25 DApps and has attracted more than 400,000 community users who have contributed to over 20 billion RMB of transactions on the network.  The Achain team is looking forward to welcoming many more partners in the coming months.

Achain calls blockchain industry innovators to participate in the Galaxy ecosystem. Developers who join now will be the first to benefit from the incentive plans that are in preparation, and by offering feedback as they gain the first-to-market advantage, they will also enjoy the opportunity to play a leading role in the evolution of the network.

Join Achain and create a boundless, blockchain reality.



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