Africa’s Safcoin to List on International Crypto Giant HotBit

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Africa’s Safcoin to List on International Crypto Giant HotBit

The SAFCOIN ecosystem has been developed to accelerate Africa’s small to medium businesses and freelance participation in a global economy.

Hot off the back of international listings, SAFCOIN is once again breaching new ground as their listing on international exchange, HotBit, beckons in weeks to come.

The SAFCOIN project, first launched in 2018 by founders Michela and Neil Ferreira, together with Tony Ferreira, is a pioneering venture tailored to the increased need for broad-based digitization on the African frontier. SAFCOIN in itself is more than just a cryptocurrency and boasts within it an extensive network of functions united under the SAFCOIN umbrella.

Over and above its accolade as the first Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency on the continent, the SAFCOIN ecosystem has been developed to accelerate Africa’s small -to medium businesses and freelance participation in a global economy. The vision to affect widespread economic change was realized with the engineering of their MobiJobs and Cryptovalley platforms, alongside their loyalty program, SAF Rewards, SAFPay Payment Gateway, and the SAFCOIN Wallet – at the heart of it all.

Initially, SAFCOIN had its roots purely in crypto, having launched its mobile wallet application on Android and iOS in December of 2018. With increased traction and attention around the business of SAFCOIN, 2019 saw the firm-level up in dramatic fashion, with the implementation of crypto Mining Pools and systems improvements for an improved interface and usability, among a myriad of notable others.

What was once a small-time start-up has since graduated to new heights; having introduced their MobiJobs and Cryptovalley platforms in 2020, with both platforms actively engaged and developed to empower youth and local businesses respectively at the grassroots level.

MobiJobs is a uniquely African gig economy platform that looks to empower people on the ground by providing an economic springboard for them to list their services and have those services bought by employers the world throughout, thereby delving into an untapped freelance job market. Similarly, Cryptovalley, SAFCOIN’s e-retailing offshoot, targets smaller local businesses by providing them with an interactive and personalized platform to sell their goods while accessing premium features all the while doing so.

Why Is This BIG NEWS?

In their pursuit of liquidity and a subsequent stabler market, SAFCOIN will be listing on, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, with the company currently registered in Hong Kong and Estonia, and with roots in Shanghai and Taipei, catering to a primarily South-East Asian crypto market.

At the time of writing, HotBit boasted a $181.17-million 24-hour trading volume. Significantly, the exchange is also ranked 83rd in world crypto exchange rankings; of which there are hundreds in operation.

This great feat will see SAFCOIN listed among the over 700 cryptocurrencies currently traded on, some of which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), alongside an evolving Polkadot (DOT), to name a few.

SAFCOIN is an Africa-first Crypto: Why

Since its inception, HotBit has managed to acquire more than 1-million registered users based throughout 170 countries. A centralized exchange, HotBit’s market comprises predominantly Asian investors and traders. Some might be questioning as to what business SAFCOIN has seeking liquidity here. The answer to this is simple; Asia’s cryptocurrency landscape is currently the most populous and most frequented of them all.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain researcher Mira Christanto, says that currency depreciation and intensive regulation are the driving forces behind mass crypto adoption in Asian countries. With this, she enthused that countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore “have deep pools of liquidity.” Important to note is that by the end of 2019, six of the Top 10 largest crypto firms throughout the world were based in Asia.

It goes without saying that the presence of high liquidity means the presence of a stabler, more favorable market for SAFCOIN users. Their listing with HotBit therefore provides a stellar opportunity for consolidating ongoing efforts in this regard to entering the crypto big leagues.

Considering this, Asia continues to lead the way for a world yet to hop upon the bandwagon into the future. A pioneering cryptocurrency in their own right on African shores, SAFCOIN intends to do the same, leaving no stone unturned to situate themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Where to buy SAFCOIN:

  • CoinGecko
  • SAFCOIN Exchange
  • Catex and P2Pb2B
  • HotBit (September)

To learn more about SAFCOIN or to create an account, visit the website or download the SAFCOIN app for Android or iOS.

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