After Succesful Pre-ICO, Gambling Platform Betrium Is Ready to Launch Main ICO

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After Succesful Pre-ICO, Gambling Platform Betrium Is Ready to Launch Main ICO
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Though the gambling industry is quite a well-developed sphere, still there hasn’t been a strong betting service. Betrium is coming to change the game.

Partially-decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook Betrium is to launch its main ICO on April 5. The team is really proud of the results of its pre-ICO that allowed to raise more than $1.2 million USD and hopes that the upcoming ICO will be also extremely successful.

As the team supposes, the world’s gambling market is developed enough for welcoming effective cryptocurrency implementation. Speaking about the regulated market, we can say that in 2017 it totaled $533 billion USD with the betting market’s share of $50 billion USD. According to expert estimation, the unregulated gambling market is significantly larger.

Betrium is aimed at making this sphere beneficial for all the stakeholders. The new betting exchange is open to a wide audience and has the lowest commissions. There is no commission for withdrawals, deposits and winnings, and customers do not need to pay personal income tax to the platform.

Betrium is designed to accept cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, LTC, XZC, DASH) from all the corners of the world and process all the transactions at high speeds due to its decentralized nature. Moreover, people from almost anywhere will have an opportunity to withdraw their crypto funds.

The betting exchange provides support worldwide. Customer support is available in 18 languages and specialists are ready to help the users 24 hours 7 days per week.

What is more, Betrium enables organizers to earn: there is a unique betting creation platform for event organizers in e-sports and small sports leagues. Each user of Betrium Network can create events on a blockchain, add them to the Betrium betting platform and earn money. Nearly 80% of net income will be received by the organizer. Very soon Betrium team promises to launch a digital marketing platform for promoting such custom events.

It’s important to say that Betrium is one of the first to offer a powerful betting Open API for developers, bots and third-party apps. At the moment, the team is actively working on developing Betrium Framework for software platforms.  Betrium is expected to become a global betting processing center that will provide its core to a wide range of other services.

The team has also designed a unique cryptocurrency volatility stabilization solution. Users’ balances will be fixed in virtual dollars or euros which means that users won’t suffer from unpredictable cryptocurrency prices changes.

Betrium has taken into consideration the interests of its potential BTRM token holders who will receive a share of the platform’s profit on a regular basis.

As it has been already mentioned, for carrying out their project the team decided to launch an ICO. Betrium has issued14,000,000 BTRM tokens. The Early Pre-ICO and Pre-ICO were very successful, during these stages $1,283,000 USD were raised. The ICO is planned to be carried out from April 5 to May 14. Users will have an opportunity to purchase 1 BTRM for 0.00033-0.00071 ETH. The team hopes to raise more than $ 5 million USD offering 63 million BTRM tokens for the main ICO stage.

The team strongly believes in a force of direct communication with potential users and investors and is actively participating in the largest blockchain and fintech events before the start of the main stage of its ICO.

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