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AIC Unveils AI Dapp for the First Time in the World and Will Be Listed on Bitforex

October 8th, 2018 at 9:12 pm UTC · 2 min read

Artificial intelligence companies can use the service at AIC Deep Learning homepage.

AI CRTYPTO is developing a technology that applies the GPU distributed processing technology to the mining pool to connect blockchain so that a large number of mining pools can use the GPU for artificial intelligence development.

Currently, GPUs for deep learning have to pay very high fees, and the profitability of mining pools using the same GPU is very low. Currently, the price difference is more than 50 times. For Deep Learning developers, they can offer GPUs at a lower price, and higher profits for mining pools.

Until now, development performance has been shown to be one tenth the price competitiveness and faster time efficiency compared to the AI deep-learning service provided by the global enterprise Amazon AWS. AIC Deep Learning already has more than 100,000 GPUs.

Recognizing for its unique technology, AIC has entered into a partnership with Shinhan Financial Group, which has sales of US $ 30 billion. In addition, it has acquired more than 20 companies including AI, VR, and PinTech as clients. The GPU service market for deep learning is already in a large market size and will grow to $ 2 billion in 2018 and $ 7 billion in 2023.

AIC, a development project that has attracted more than 100,000 participants and investors from around the world, will be listed on Bitforex, the world’s largest trading volume on October 8, 2018.



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