Aidos Offers Free Share in its Banking Network to Transparent Crypto Exchanges

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Aidos Offers Free Share in its Banking Network to Transparent Crypto Exchanges
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An open source platform Aidos will allow people to invest in digital currency by setting up offshore bank accounts in crypto-friendly countries.

According to Saris Group, an independent and impartial equity research provider, by 2028 more than 90% of all digital asset value will be funded from offshore deposits. With an expected $3,600,000,000,000 USD market cap by then, the offshore deposit comes to a staggering $3,240,000,000,000 USD.

There are a number of factors that is pushing the trend of investments from offshore accounts. First of all, stricter regulations play an important role. WIth capital restraints being tightened by many countries, traders and investors are forced to use banks from countries that are crypto-friendly for entering market and liquidating assets.

Inflation is another factor. While the whole fiat economy is structured to devalue, cryptocurrencies have limited supply, causing an increase in value instead.

Fiscal policies are also a reason for such investments, as turbulent times lead to financial policy development that is unfavorable for the common man.

And the last factor is debt. There is hardly any country left that does not have a national debt. This means there is always a crisis sword swinging above their heads.

The Aidos platform has created the perfect solution for people looking for offshore accounts, where their countries restrict access to cryptocurrencies. The decentralized platform is actually acquiring banks in crypto-friendly countries to allow people to set up accounts there and use them to invest in crypto.

The platform is in talks to launch their own bank, based in the EU. Aidos has made similar movies in Arica, where the company holds 16% shares in Sumac Bank in Kenya and a 23% share in a yet to be announced Tanzanian bank. Through these, the platform hopes to create a worldwide banking network that is crypto-friendly and allows people to access decentralized assets with ease.

Crypto exchanges are notorious for keeping tight-lipped about their dealings and core functions. Nearly all exchanges active today are centralized in nature and therefore, not open enough.

The whole philosophy of Aidos is to grant easier access to the masses, while still protecting their privacy. In order to do this, the platform is offering 5% shares in its banking network to any 20 crypto exchanges that can prove their platforms are transparent in their dealings with users. Any exchange that qualifies will not only be transparent enough to ease its users, but with access to the Aidos banking network, its user base will actually grow over time, creating a win-win situation.

Aidos is an open source platform which features some of the most advanced decentralized technologies. It provides its users with Quantum Security, which guarantees network protection against quantum computing – the only known theoretical system that can break current decentralized encryption.

The platform’s Chainless Ledger is another feature. Through DAG based IMesh protocol, each transactions verifies two other, negating the need to create a blockchain.

For those seeking for anonymity, I2P underlying layer grants total privacy. A further AKshuffle protocol keeps users anonymous. Through this transactions are made 100% invisible and tracless.

And, on top of that, all transactions within the platform are totally zero fee. Since each transaction verifies to others, there is no need for nodes or miners to verify and pay for transactions.

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