Airbus Stock Is 1% Down while the Company Plans to Prop Up Jetliner Deliveries in 2020

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Airbus Stock Is 1% Down while the Company Plans to Prop Up Jetliner Deliveries in 2020
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In 2020, Airbus aims to deliver about 880 jetliners, up from 863 in 2019, which was already a record. However, now Airbus (AIR) stock is in red, trading around 1% lower than yesterday.

Airbus SE announced its plans to prop up jetliner deliveries to an all-time high in 2020. What actually happens is that it will utilize the situation it came under after the resolution that its rival’s Boeing Co. 737 Max remains grounded. From Boeing, they said they had zero new orders for its aircraft in January. This is the first time since 1962 and it is mostly affected by two fatal crashes that happened last year.

The company is still waiting for the clearance from the regulators and earlier today, at the Singapore Airshow, Randy Tinseth, Boeing’s vice president for marketing confirmed it will take “several quarters” for 737 Max to fly again. Last week, United States Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson said that the international air safety regulators will likely agree on the required fixes to return the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to service.

Airbus Bad Earnings Results for the Quarter

Airbus, on the other hand, plans to deliver approximately 880 jets, up from 863 in 2019, which was a record as well. Cash flow should amount to 4 billion euros ($4.3 billion), a 500-million-euro increase.

Even though the demand for single-aisle jets is rising, production of the wide-body A350 will still be left at nine or 10 a month in 2020. Deliveries of the mid-sized A330 will fall to 40 for the year from 53.

Airbus SE said on Thursday that its loss per share was €4.56 in the fourth quarter of 2019. Net loss for the quarter came to €3.5 billion and adjusted EBIT fell 9% to €2.8 billion, while revenues rose 4% year on year to €24.3 billion.

For full fiscal 2019, the aerospace giant’s revenue amounted to €70.5 billion, rising 11% from 2018, with the rise mainly attributed to record commercial aircraft deliveries. Adjusted EBIT for the twelve-month period climbed 19% to €6.9 billion, while net loss was €1.4 billion, or €1.75 per share.

“We achieved a great deal in 2019. We delivered a strong underlying financial performance driven mainly by our commercial aircraft deliveries,” CEO Guillaume Faury stated. “The reported earnings also reflect the final agreements with the authorities resolving the compliance investigations and a charge related to revised export assumptions for the A400M,” he pointed out.

Acquiring the Leftover Stake in Bombardier

Meanwhile, Airbus came to a deal to acquire the rest of the stake left of Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier in the A220 passenger jet program.

The deal means the exit from commercial aviation for Bombardier. It will transfer its interest leftovers in Airbus Canada to the main parent Airbus SE company and the government of the Canadian state of Quebec.

Bombardier will, therefore, get approximately $591 million, net of adjustments, and will no longer have future funding capital requirements to Airbus Canada. The deal will also add over 3,300 Airbus jobs in Quebec.

Bombardier also said that the transaction would also contribute to improving the overall financial position of the company. Back in 2015, it had financial crash when the profits went down for 50% after the plane crashed leaving 150 victims.

However, it seems that the French company successfully made its way out.

Near the Deal With Nigerian Airline for 50 A220s

Per the latest information, Airbus is also close to securing a deal for around 50 aircraft from a Nigerian startup airline that previously announced plans to buy Boeing Co. 737 MAX jets, according to people familiar with the plans. The deal between Airbus and Green Africa Airways could be announced soon. The carrier would buy Airbus A220 planes, which seat about 130 passengers.

Airbus (AIR) stock is unstable, now it is trading around 1% lower in comparison to the price after the close. Its current price is 135.84 EUR.

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