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June 8th, 2018 at 3:13 pm UTC · 4 min read

Morten Christensen is the founder of, the biggest platform for Airdrops. We had the opportunity to do a Q & A with him about Airdrops.

Q:  Why did you start the website?

I’ve been involved in crypto since early 2013 and am in contact with a big network of early adapters. End of 2016 Byteball did their first airdrop which they repeated every full moon for 10 months. I found out about this airdrop in April 2017, which was just after round 4 of the airdrop. This airdrop was for people who held Bitcoins and in my network of early adapters nobody knew about the Byteball airdrop.

After some research about airdrops, I found that there were many airdrops that happened but for each airdrop there was very limited information. There was no website or Twitter channel about airdrops and there was an obvious demand from Blockchain projects to promote the airdrops.  At the time I was travelling the world with Co-founder Y.Yigittop. During our travels both of us had the time to start a website. This has led to the birth of

Q:  How did Airdrops evolve since you started

We have seen airdrops that were based on holding an asset like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Waves. Stellar Lumens airdropped to Bitcoin holders in August 2017. This concept still happens today, mostly on the Ethereum & Waves network.

In the summer of 2017 it became popular to start projects that airdrop 90-95% of all tokens. This later resulted in many different colors of Ethereum like, Ethereum Blue or Ripple Gold.

Currently we see that airdrops mostly function as a marketing tool for ICO’s. The majority of ICO’s kick off their ICO campaign with doing an airdrop. They get a big group of people who join their social media channels and from there they build the foundation of their community.

Q: How many airdrops happen each week?

We have listed over 1200 airdrops over the past year and we have looked at over 3000 airdrops. We do not list every airdrop we find on our website. We do our due diligence for every airdrop we list. If we believe a project is risky, we do not list the airdrop. We look at white paper, team and fact check what is written on their socials and website. We make sure the airdrops our users join are from legitimate projects.

Q: What are the exclusive airdrops we see on

Exclusive airdrops are from ICO’s that outsource the airdrop campaign completely to us. An airdrop campaign takes a lot of resources from the marketing and development team. Those resources can be better used to market the ICO and develop the product.

We have hosted over 30 Exclusive airdrops for ICO’s and we hit the targets we have set 100%. We take care of the airdrop campaign from A to Z and even have an airdrop distribution service available. You can see most of our clients at our ICObench listing.

Q: Where do you see in one year?

We believe the concept of airdrops did not reach the main public yet. We have recently seen articles on Bloomberg and CNBC  about airdrops, and we expect it will become more popular for people who are new to crypto.  It is the perfect tool to get familiar with crypto without risking your own money.

With the growth of crypto popularity I believe that will grow with it. The crypto world moves fast and it is difficult to imagine where we are one year from now. The past year has already been far beyond our goals and imagination.


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