Meet Aladiex: Financial Supply Platform for MSME Business and Investors

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by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read
Meet Aladiex: Financial Supply Platform for MSME Business and Investors
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Blockchain startup Aladiex has introduced its ecosystem. This will help MSME business to get the incentives that they need to grow.

Aladiex is a new blockchain ecosystem solution. The blockchain startup has come up with a unique solution for SME financing. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have enormous contributions to the National Gross Domestic Products (GDP). Across the world, they are the engine of growth. Today’s conglomerate was once a small enterprise. The key to getting there was adequate finance. And Aladiex is here to help business.

SMEs Are a Powerful Force for Economic Growth

SMEs are key to sustaining and reviving economies that have gone under. A recent 2014 survey indicates that SMEs are responsible for about 96% of all enterprises in Asia and the Pacific region. This shows that SMEs are a powerful force to reckon with. The same survey also showed that SMEs accounted for about 62% of the national workforces in the same region. SMEs also accounted for about 42% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in developed countries.

This shows that SMEs are a strong force to contend with. National economic success for any country won’t be complete without their involvement.

The emergence of new technologies such as blockchain ethnology can change things significantly. Aladiex aims to create an ecosystem that allows SMEs to thrive. This is outlined by processes that start the moment the SME enters into the ecosystem.

One of the main aims of Aladiex is to give small businesses access to finance. This will greatly improve the outlook for many businesses that are currently having money issues. This will improve access to finance by SMEs.

Aladiex also aims to allow businesses to hold their profits and invoices in the form of tokens as well. This allows for the seamless integration of business activities with their model.

Aladiex Is Set to Change Everything for Business

The Aladiex system has at its core a bi-focal foundation: the launchpad and the financial supply. The Aladiex launchpad will allow SMEs to take their projects live. The financial Supply will fund them. This bi-directional approach is to allow for the system to take care of mission-critical aspects of SME operations.

Aladiex aims to do all of these via its token sale. The financing model of the ecosystem is a hybrid one. Aladiex’s management has decided to take the hybrid route rather than the traditional route for blockchain fundraising.

This funding model is based on the achievement of certain milestones. These milestones are based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each funding round is based on how best these KPIs are met. Once a KPI has been met, the next funding round then ensues.

This allows for the funding to achieve the aims and objectives. There have been many white elephant projects within the crypto space that took millions of dollars. This is also one of the reasons why the public interest in the crypto industry has waned.

Hopefully, as we enter the new decade, we shall see the emergence of new projects that can take the world by storm. Aladiex is one of such projects.

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