All of the CryptoFriends Spent a Gorgeous Delta Night in Malta

October 5th, 2018 at 7:01 pm UTC · 2 min read

A party, which was attended by more than 800 guests from 30 countries, took place at the Carissa bar of the Intercontinental hotel in St Julians.

Delta Night opened with a speech by Abdala Kablan, organizer of the Delta Summit, and Silvio Schembri, the representative of the Parliament of Malta. Then there was a panel discussion “Malta is a small nation with big ambitions”. In addition to Kablan and Schembri, Rachel Wolfson, a journalist for Bitcoin Magazine, Forbes, the Bad Crypto Podcast and The Merkle, and other experts took part in it. Speakers discussed the development prospects of the blockchain industry in Malta. Forecasts are very positive: the parliament is now working on the improvement of legislation, large blockchain-based exchanges – Binance and OKEX, as well as other developing companies are based in Malta.

The evening continued with an ICO-pitching with participation of Qlear and Gozo. Competent judges evaluated both projects. The moderator was Eric Benz, President at ​Qlear​ and CryptoFriends Ambassador.

In the evening every guest had an opportunity to make as many smart connections as they can with members of our exclusive audience. Crypto Friends style, an optimal networking environment has been created for all night long.

Delta Night was the first event dedicated to The Delta Summit, which takes place in Malta until October 5th, 21:00. Malta’s leading blockchain and digital innovation summit includes lots of professional panels, discussions and sessions. The speakers are Daria Arefieva, CEO & Founder of Crypto Friends, ​Dr Christian Ellul​, Director at E&S Group, ​Grahame Salt​, Shareholder and Director of Frank Salt Real Estate Group., ​Imogen Heap​, Founder of Mycelia , ​Rachel Wolfson​, Crypto Journalist at Bitcoin Magazine, Forbes & The Merkle, ​Dr. Abdalla Kablan​, Entrepreneur and Fintech Expert, ​Silvio Schembri​ Parliamentary Secretary​, and many other specialists.