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Amazon Added 50 New Brands to its Dash Button Program

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Amazon Added 50 New Brands to its Dash Button Program

The US-based online retailing giant has expanded the list of brands supporting its Dash Button program, with the addition of 50 new members.

Amazon has announced that 50 new brands have signed up for Dash Button, the company’s one click buying program. The new brands include Lavazza, Campbell’s Soup, Mentos, Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Cascade, V8 Vegetable Juice, FIJI Water, Hubert’s Lemonade, Clif Bar, and others.

Amazon introduced Dash Button last year as an internet-connected hardware device that lets users to purchase items, like detergents and paper towels, by pushing a button. At first, button users could buy products only from water pitchers provider Brita, home appliances producer Whirlpool and printers maker Brother.

The overall volume of orders made via the Dush Button is steadily growing now. Within the last three months, the number of purchases increased by 70%. According to Amazon, the orders take place more than twice per minute, up from one purchase a minute three months ago.

In general, over half of all Amazon orders are conducted through the service. The retailer offers its prime members more than 150 buttons, which represent thousands of products, including toys and musical equipment from such brands as D’Addario, Play-doh and NERF.

“This year we’ve been focused on rapidly growing the Dash Button program in every dimension,” said Daniel Rausch, Director of Amazon Dash. “In 2015, we had 29 brands on board and today we have more than 150 brands across dozens of retail categories and thousands of products—in just the last six months we added over four times more brands to the program. Customers love the growing selection and are increasingly using Dash Button to skip trips to the store.”

“Three months ago, we were excited to see orders were occurring once a minute—now, that rate has doubled. Dash Button is resonating with Prime members and has become an innovative way for brands to stay connected with their customers, keeping them supplied with products they count on with the simple press of a button.”

Dash Buttons are free for Prime shoppers. Although they are available for $4.99, members receive the sum back to their account after the first purchase.

“We know consumers want online ordering that is quick and easy,” said Brian Fischel, Vice President of Diversified Channels at Campbell Soup Company. “The new Amazon Dash Button allows shoppers to stock up on their favorite Campbell brands with the press of a button.  Doorstep delivery is important to the future of shopping and we are excited for our brands to play a role in this evolving digital experience.”

About two months ago, Amazon launched a limited release of its AWS IoT Button that allows developers to configure their own settings. The retailer managed to sell out the buttons just few hours after the release. The button is based on the company’s Amazon Web Services platform that was unveiled in 2015.

Currently, Amazon is one of the leading players within the IoT industry. Given its ongoing developments in the sector, the retailer is likely to dominate the sector in the near future.

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