An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum

March 22nd, 2019 at 8:27 am UTC · 3 min read

However, the farce is always a farce, and the replacement will inevitably complete. As the founder of Bottos, my mission is to eliminate any difficulties in order to realize the ultimate dream. Compared with the hardship of the past and the challenges of the future, these farce are not worth mentioning.

When you receive this letter, we just finished Bottos’ 2018 financial report, and now we are doing some further audits. We will disclose relevant information according to the White Paper promise. Relevant information will be announced soon, please be patient.

Bottos 1.0: Bottos Chain Main Online Line is Just the Beginning

Bottos Chain ( is a vertical public chain in the AI field, which integrates artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, AR\VR and other industries, and aims to provide a new generation of value chain infrastructure for landing industry applications. Since the launch of the project in April 2017, Bottos has developed its own original public chain BottosChain from 0 to 1.

Bottos team is committed to delving into the blockchain + AI, dedicated to unlocking the digital economy of the future smart economy. In 2018, when many public chain projects were struggling in performance, BottosChain had already tested 10,000-level TPS and set a new path to design a layered network, agile deployment, distributed storage and other modules that serve the intelligent industry. Our aim is to be the most commercial value, the lowest user threshold and the most innovative public chain project.

An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum

Under the hard work of the team, BottosChain tested the online line in May 2018 and officially launched the main network in December 2018. BottosChain’s main online line is just the beginning, we are starting the second phase of the venture: Bottos Chain 2.0.

Next Stage: The Goal of Bottos Chain 2.0 is Be the Leader in the Smart Industry in Future

At the recent deepening reform group meeting, President Xi proposed to strengthen the integration of the smart economy and the physical industry and develop a far-reaching future for the smart economy. China is not only the leader in smart technology, but also the largest market for intelligent industrialization. The value chain that links the value of artificial intelligence technology with the exchange of industrial value is the mission of Bottos.

Intelligent technology + physical industry X value flow = intelligent economy. Bottos Chain will play the role of driving the real economy to the smart economy, the value exchange platform of intelligent technology to the physical industry. In the future, all physical industries will be intelligent, and the total value of conversion from non-intelligent to intelligent economy will exceed the total GDP created by China’s 40 years of Reform and Opening.

Bottos has been aimed at the most precious value of the 2025 Chinese economy against the global predictions, and there are endless miracles waiting for Bottos Chain to link and pass, issue and climb.

At the time of this intelligent economic war, Bottos ushered in Mr. Li Xiang, a senior expert who has deepened artificial intelligence and industrial capital for 20 years and he is the only industry expert in the blockchain industry. He is not only an industrial upgrade of dozens of listed companies, but also is an industrial development consultant for many local governments. In the past five years, he has been the concept of the Internet of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs, including 1,200 listed companies. We are looking forward to upgrade Bottos to the 2.0 era, which is the era of smart industry.

We’re here to put a dent in the universe.

Otherwise why else even be here?

— Steve Jobs.

I will dedicate all to the Bottos Chain.

An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum

Bottos Founder: Wang Tingting

March 20th, 2019