ApeSwap’s Intuitive Features to Drive User-Friendly Activity in the DeFi Space

UTC by Kseniia Klichova · 3 min read
ApeSwap’s Intuitive Features to Drive User-Friendly Activity in the DeFi Space
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The growth of the DeFi world is enchanting. The dynamic DeFi space has enabled the logic of employing money to work for you. While acknowledging the above phenomenon, ApeSwap combines the traditional financial processes with the cutting-edge technology tools to bolster the DeFi space. This will make an indefinite impact on the future of finance as well as the modern business. 

One of the top 10 winners of Binance’s MVB Second, ApeSwap boasts about its exclusivity in terms of providing a comprehensive user experience. ApeSwap is an Automated Market Maker DEX Module and a Yield Farming Framework. The native token of ApeSwap is $BANANA.

ApeSwap ventured into the BSC landscape when returns from yield farming activities were quite high compared to traditional savings bank accounts. By participating in yield farming programs, users can currently earn upto 448.75% APR on $BANANA, creating a lucrative opportunity for investors. Currently, the Total Value Locked on ApeSwap aggregates to $434,388,020.

Levelling up the DeFi playground involves opening avenues of cross-chain interoperability. DeFi degens are exhausted facing challenges like network congestion and high gas transaction fees. Therefore, ApeSwap has expanded its wings to the Polygon ecosystem positioning itself as a multi-chain DEX platform.

The Current Situation

ApeSwap has acquired increased market traction with its comprehensive user experience.  PancakeSwap, on the other hand, enjoys the perks of being the forerunner in the BSC ecosystem empowering millions of users into DeFi. Nevertheless, ApeSwap spearheaded this opportunity and launched on the BSC Platform.

The derivative token GNANA has been introduced by ApeSwap to solve problems related to pools and offerings. This innovative feature has resulted in gaining increased traction.

ApeSwap is a completely trustless DEX platform with no strings tied to any centralized party, thus advocating decentralization in totality. With the rapid growth of the decentralized BSC ecosystem, it will be exciting to witness how users will drive utility to the DEX platforms freeing themselves from the clutches of centralized authorities.

The stellar team has built one of the strongest teams in DeFi expanding its frontiers to offer an advanced trading experience. The project has integrated charting into their DEX and further expanding to leverage trading and limit orders. It is a smarter version of a DEX platform allowing users to make smarter investment choices.

Support for Upcoming Projects

As one of the leading projects in the DeFi landscape, it primarily focuses on expanding its community across the globe. With a dedicated team working on marketing, development, and biz fronts, the focus is to develop a trustworthy and efficient platform.

ApeSwap’s BUIDL program has been launched to provide support to those projects that choose ApeSwap as their primary DEX.

Airdrops of different tokens for IAO’s are a part of ApeSwap’s Utility Strategy and therefore these IAO’s can be used by projects under the ApeSwap DEX solution. IAO’s i.e Initial Ape Offerings are ApeSwap’s version of token offering.

In recent days, significant partnerships have been initiated by ApeSwap so that the Jungle expands and the community is made accessible as much as possible. More importance is on providing infrastructure in a trustless manner and an intuitive user experience.

NFA’s, the personal NFT project of ApeSwap has always been abreast as top 10 NFT projects in respect to sales volume. Moreover, 1000 NFA’s, in total, have been released making ApeSwap one of the most valuable projects in the NFT sphere.

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