App Annie Expands Its Platform Acquiring Mobile Analytics Firm Libring

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App Annie Expands Its Platform Acquiring Mobile Analytics Firm Libring
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Leading mobile market data firm AppAnnie acquires mobile analytics firm Libring amidst a rebranding effort making it become the world’s leading Mobile data analytics firm with offering an all-in-one platform for both publishers and corporate organizations.

Leading mobile market data firm App Annie has acquired Libring which is a mobile analytics firm. This, of course, has created a new paradigm where mobile market data and mobile analytics are presented side-by-side in one singular platform. This was revealed by CEO Ted Krantz in a blog post.

Being the global initiator of mobile app market data, the firm has decided to rebrand itself alongside its recent acquisition to bring forward the real-time advantages of such a system to both mobile app developers and corporate organizations alike. Ted noted this saying:

“Mobile is the new imperative. Successful companies are growing their business through mobile—we witness this every day at App Annie. Yet building integrated analytics is a tremendous challenge for every company and is only becoming more complex.”

With the above statement being the rationale behind the acquisition of Libring, App Annie is poised to be able to offer the best means and methods of presenting how advertising data gleaned from users in actionable statistics which would be to the strategic advantage of its numerous users and clients.

In a bid to create an all-in-one platform where all customers can view everything, they need at a glance without having to go in many different directions. This will also give publishers and Corporate organizations new tools to work with to enhance their mobile advertising outreaches. Ted stated:

“Our customers have been painfully stitching together multiple point solutions, spreadsheets, BI teams, and agencies to determine return on advertising spend. It’s too hard and it’s too costly. App Annie is committed to changing this paradigm and automating this work through data science and machine learning”.

This, of course, points to the fact that the future of advertising on the web is mobile but it is how specific data is fully understood that will be of benefit to both publishers and users of mobile applications.

How App Annie is Doing Things Differently

Before now, App Annie offered its customers specific metrics such as downloads, active users, retention numbers, demographics, rankings, reviews, competitive analysis and a whole lot more. However, these basic metrics don’t give an indication of trends which haven’t been measured yet leading publishers and corporate users to rely on a bevy of tools to interpret the deeper hidden implications of the data provided.

This, of course, has been revolved to a significant degree with the recent acquisition which will bring the most significant interpretations of mobile app data analytics and market statistics under one umbrella. Ad spends, returns on investments, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, cost per downloads and other such monetization insight will now be available with the addition of Libring to App Annie’s platform.

It goes without saying that the mobile app industry is going places that humans haven’t gone before in terms of interactivity. Without innovative companies such as App Annie, we won’t know the direction in which we are going to talk more about arriving there in the first place.

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