App Developers Find Opportunity in the Decentralized Protocol for Identity Management

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
App Developers Find Opportunity in the Decentralized Protocol for Identity Management
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The decentralized social characteristics of blockchain technology is enabling its implementation in a lot of industries.

These characteristics are enabling the dislodgement of long existing ideologies, disrupting existing processes and providing new opportunities for both tech developers and consumers alike.

For app developers who would focus on creating data storage and management platforms that can especially serve professional purposes, the protocol presents a unique opportunity.

The protocol which is still in the early stages of development has shown an impressive level of adoption already. The app (alpha) is already welcoming 3,000 users everyday, while the team’s telegram group has 9,500 members.

This level of adoption is a reflection of the solution and benefits that the protocol offers to the professional industry in terms of data management and application.

The network affords its users the luxury of managing all their information online through one network by connecting all their apps to one source. The benefits of such a system was evident in the temporary enablement of APIs to connect to the LinkedIn platform a few years ago. The development reflected up to 30,000 applications and the emergence of several new companies within its one year of existence.

Implementing a Superior Technology

It is this model that is borrowing, but this time on a superior technology, blockchain. The protocol makes it possible for a third party application to receive push updates from a user about interactions on another application. In this case, the user acts as a sovereign data broker between applications.

This gives the user full control over their own data and information. The third party application can in turn update state, such as upgrade a relationship in a social graph data format from acquaintance to colleague, based on external application data. This data in turn will be pushed back to the user.

The incentivized benefits therein is targeted at developers who connect their applications to the protocol. They will be incentivized for the data which they make available for sharing, albeit under the full control of the original information being the user.

More Than Just Sharing

Beyond data sharing and the convenience that is offered to users, saving them the stress of updating their data manually upon avery new platform that they come across, the protocol leverages the inherent properties of blockchain technology.

This includes the decentralized security system which makes the system unhackable, unlike centralized servers that can be breached and data stolen. The ability to retain consistency of data is also another benefit which stems from the immutable characteristics of information stored on the blockchain.

Being run on the Ethereum main chain, the protocol automatically adopts the fundamental characteristics of Ethereum which includes, a robust network and strong ecosystem, multiple good scaling roadmaps and easy integration with third party smart contract applications. Being an ERC20 token, the protocol can also integrate easily with wallets and exchanges.

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