Apple Announces Four-for-One Stock Split, AAPL Shares Up 7% in Pre-market

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Apple Announces Four-for-One Stock Split, AAPL Shares Up 7% in Pre-market
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The announcement of the four-for-one stock split from Apple came in its fiscal Q3 earnings report. AAPL stock is up in the pre-market.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has announced a four-for-one stock split on Thursday. This follows an approval given by the company’s board of directors for the incentive. The initiative comes at a time the company’s stock is trading above $380. With this development, investors would be able to purchase the company’s stocks at lower values.

Today in the pre-market, AAPL stock is 7.27% up, reaching the level of $412.73.

According to the release, investors would now purchase the company’s stocks at price much lower than its market value of $380. Market analysts expect that this would be around $100 depending on the stock value by the end of August.

More Investors Come from Aboard

The announcement by Apple came in its fiscal Q3 earnings report. The effect is that for each stock owned by an investor, they would get an additional three stocks from the company. It also implies that new stocks would be purchased at a lower price.

Although companies routinely use this approach to make their stocks available to new investors, this does not really have a noticeable effect on the market.

This is not the first time that Apple has offered such incentives to investors. In 2014, the company offered a 7-for-1 stock split at time Apple stock was trading above $600. Investors then bought the shares at $92 per share.

Apple Stock Split Won’t Bring Any Noticeable Effect on Company

Splits such as this do not affect the company in any way except increasing the number of investors holding the company’s shares because they are more affordable during such periods.

The release stated that the stocks would be distributed to the investors after the business closes on August 24. The company’s stocks will trade on a split-adjusted approach on August 31.

Apple has conducted five stick splits since the company went public. Aside from the 7-for-1 split of 2014, there was a 2-for-1 on February 28, 2005. Another was on June 21, 2000. There was another 2-for-1 on June 16, 1987.

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