Do You Know that Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Cost $52,199 or Even More?

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by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read
Do You Know that Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Cost $52,199 or Even More?
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Apple’s new Mac Pro could cost more than $52,000 due to upgrades that may be required by certain professionals and may cost around $40,000.

Pre-orders for Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop computer officially began yesterday. The Mac Pro which was initially announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June is priced at $5,999 for the desktop unit alone. Unlike many desktop computers especially with Windows, the Mac Pro’s 6k Pro Display XDR monitor is sold separately for an interesting $4,999, pushing the price of both units up to $11,000. However, this price seemingly only gets you the bare minimum and if you want an upgrade, you could spend up to $52,199.

Users who want the Mac Pro for heavier software for programming, photography or video editing, might want an upgrade as the standard processor might not be satisfactory enough. However, upgrading to a 28-core processor costs $7,000. The system’s memory also comes with 256 GB of storage and an upgrade to 1.5 TB would cost an additional $15,000. The 28-core processor is a compulsory expense for users who want 1.5 TB so to get the memory expansion, you would need to spend $22,000. However, there’s more.

Graphic artists who may not be satisfied with the standard option and want to upgrade graphics power will have to shell out $10,800 in addition to a 4TB RAM option for $1,400. Reports say that Apple is planning to offer an option for 8TB but has yet to put a price tag on it. However, there are still several more costs.

A wheel that makes transporting the system more comfortable and safe costs an extra $400 while there is an optional Magic Trackpad 2 sold for $150. The company is also selling an Apple Afterburner card for $2,000 with an optional Pro stand for $999.

The costs have sent shockwaves through the tech community with many people wondering why the equipment is so expensive. While it is true that Apple has never been too careful with its pricing across all of its products, the pricing for the Mac Pro and all of its other products and features, however optional, has not been received too warmly.

Apple has announced that its Apple Card cash-back offer will be doubled to 6% till 2019 runs out. This offer will however only apply to customers who want to purchase Apple hardware products. It makes sense Apple might understand that its prices are not exactly competitive and might want to make it easier for customers.

It would also seem that the Mac Pro isn’t exactly targeted at regular Mac users who don’t do much more than internet browsing, writing and emails. With all of these upgrade options, Apple might be targeting media professionals who do a lot of work with images, video and audio, and might require heavier-than usual specifications.

While the main Apple-related issue discussed today is the price of Mac Pro, let’s not forget about the excellent performance of the company this year. As Coinspeaker has already reported, APPL has managed to win the status of the most profitable stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIJA). Only this year it has climbed about 70% and reached the $270 level. At the close, its price was $268,48.

Even though the stock seems to have slowed down a little bit, with the range of new products offered for the company there are still now reasons for investors to worry.

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