Apple Unveils New MacBook Air and iPad Pro with LiDAR Scanner

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Apple Unveils New MacBook Air and iPad Pro with LiDAR Scanner
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Apple introduces its iPad Pro and its Macbook Air with lots of new and exciting features. The new iPad Pro has received the LiDAR Scanner.

New Apple iPad Pro has been introduced to the public. It comes with all the bells and whistles that everyone expected and then some. Sources say that the Cupertino California technology giant had introduced its new MacBook Air as well.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) launched its new products via a press release rather than via events. This is due to the new social distancing policies that most companies are employing as a result of COVID-19.

New Apple iPad Pro Comes with a Bang

The iPad Pro comes with a new A12Z Bionic chip. A new ultrawide camera does quite a few new wonders image-wise. Studio-quality microphones have also created a new niche for the iPad. Then the LiDAR scanner is the gamechanger for the iPad. New Apple iPad is a gamechanger as per Augmented reality.

The new keypad also takes the functionality of the iPad to a whole new level. It comes with a trackpad and has a USB-C pass-through charging system. The keypad though doesn’t have the function keys but it still does well with a magnetic attaching capability to the iPad.

As for the Macbook, several things stand out too. For starters, the keyboard is the same as last years’ Macbook Pro in terms of style. People’s complaints surrounding the use of the keyboard though have been fixed. A smooth experience regarding keyboard use is to be expected.

The storage is also increased from 128 GB to 256 GB. The microphones are improved too. Communication is now seamless across platforms. entertainment using the Macbook Air also got a boost with support for a 6k external display (using thunderbolt ports). A TouchID fingerprint sensor improves the security of the MacBook too.

New speaker quality also makes it worth the $999 being offered by Apple (AAPL). This also includes storage support for up to 2 Terabytes.

The iPad Pro seems to have delivered what pundits had predicted. The A12Z bionic chip seems to be born for heavy-duty jobs. The 8-core GPU and improved CPU architecture vastly improve things for the iPad. The iPad Pro’s CPU performance is the best so far in the history of the gadget.

The neural engine also enables next-generation apps to perform optimally as well.

As for battery life, the iPad Pro offers about 10-hours functionality. The LTE is about 60% faster and WiFi connectivity is on another level.

The LiDar Scanner is a Gamechanger

What seems to have caught the attention of all Apple fans worldwide however is the Lidar Scanner. With the unique ability to track 3D objects, the iPad Pro comes off as an all-in-one device for content creators and gamers. Improved motion capture and two cameras make other devices no match for the iPad Pro (10MP and 12 MP).

The Studio-quality microphone is second to none as the Audio-Pro quality is assured. Little wonder many creatives are Apple users. They would love to get their hands on the iPad Pro.

The vivid display with a refresh rate of about 120 Hz is also unique to the iPad Pro.

Though many critics will argue that the iPad Pro is not as innovative as its 2019 version, iPad fans will have to disagree. The new A12Z Chip changes the game. We all know that the chip is the device. The 11-inch version goes for about $799 while the 12.9-inch version goes for about $999. The keyboard won’t be available until May.

Apple (AAPL) stock prices at the time of filing this report were at $242.10 (-4.26%) during trading hours.

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