AptoSea – Biggest NFT Marketplace on Aptos Kicks off $APS Token Pre Sale, Integrates Purchase of Aptos NFTs Using $APS Token

November 1st, 2022 at 9:33 am UTC · 3 min read

AptoSea - Biggest NFT Marketplace on Aptos Kicks off $APS Token Pre Sale, Integrates Purchase of Aptos NFTs Using $APS Token

AptoSea, Next Gen NFT marketplace on a mission to facilitate a “DAO Powered NFT Marketplace on Aptos Blockchain” has kicked off the initial $APS Pre Sale Round for early adopters. As DeFi, GameFi and NFT projects are now leaning towards being run as a DAO, which in recent times has risen to become the perfect governance structure for Web3 projects, AptoSea has announced that the $APS token holders will have the benefits of governance DAO structures on AptoSea and will be utilized in an easy to use interface.

The AptoSea marketplace is set to launch within the fourth quarter of 2022. AptoSea is also working on an android and iOS dapp to enable AptoSea NFT enthusiasts to connect their web3 wallet like Martian & Fewcha Wallet to trade NFTs.

Features of AptoSea NFT Marketplace

  • Multi Asset Swap & NFT Offer Bundles: With AptoSea protocol, users will be able to list offers to trade specific NFTs and choose to accept payment in Aptos coin or $APS tokens. Instead of listing AptosWizard NFTs for a certain amount of Aptos coin, users can use AptoSea to propose exchanging a AptosWizard for a package containing aptosapesociety, aptosad NFTs and a small amount of $APS token.
  • Payment of Transaction Fees: Users can opt to pay for transaction fees in $APS instead of Aptos Coin at AptoSea NFT marketplace
  • Purchase NFT Using $APS Token: Users can purchase Aptos NFTs using $APS Token
  • Transaction Fee Redistribution: Holding the $APS  token will give holders percentages of trade commissions on the AptoSea NFT Marketplace
  • Low Transaction Fees: AptoSea marketplace will eliminate the high cost of minting and trading NFTs by introducing our token $APS that will be deployed on the Aptos Blockchain.
  • Staking & Governance: By staking $APS tokens, holders will be able to earn staking rewards of up to 20% APY & participate in governance.

Additional Features of $APS Tokens Includes:

  • $APS Tokens will be use as Payment method For Profile Verification on AptoSea NFT Marketplace and have a blue tick.
  • $APS Tokens will be used to Like and Upvote NFT Art works on AptoSea NFT Marketplace.
  • Users can Stake $APS token to rank higher on our Smart, AI Sorting Engine.

AptoSea Pre Sale

AptoSea team announced today that the AptoSea utility tokens are now available to early adopters

Early Participants / adopters can join the $APS Token Pre Sale here.

To become a member of AptoSea DAO, each participant has to acquire and stake $APS Tokens.

How to Join the $APS Pre Sale

You can join the AptoSea pre sale in 2 simple steps:

  • Purchase Aptos Coin from an Exchange like Binance, Kraken, or Coinbase and transfer to your $APT to Aptos Compatible wallet like Daedalus and Fox Wallet which are available for download on both App Store and Play store. Other Aptos wallets on browser extensions includes Petra, Pontem, Martian & Fewcha Wallets can as well be used.
  • Visit the AptoSea Token Sale Page and input the amount of $APT you want to join with and continue to sign the transaction to confirm your purchase.

About AptoSea

AptoSea is a web 3.0 multi-asset NFT marketplace scheduled to go live on the Aptos chain towards the end of this year. The community-driven DAO will allow users to trade multiple NFTs in a single swap and receive payment in $APT or $APS once it’s up and running.

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