AscendEX Lists Pollen Token, PLN

January 10th, 2022 at 5:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

AscendEX Lists Pollen Token, PLN
Photo: AscendEX

AscendEX is thrilled to announce the listing of the Pollen Token (PLN) under the trading pair PLN/USDT on AscendEX starting on Jan 11 at 2 p.m. UTC.

The Pollen DeFi protocol is helping usher in the evolution of DeFi and Web 2.0. They have introduced a new asset to both the Avalanche and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems. The Pollen network implements an automated liquidity protocol and asset governance model to democratize asset portfolio management. This model utilizes collective intelligence and decision-making to harness the broader market.

Moreover, Pollen’s governance protocol fully decentralizes the process through meritocratic decision validation and community control. The open Pollen protocol and its merit-based system reward and empower its community’s brightest minds. The protocol constantly harvests crowd wisdom by allowing community members to stake PLN tokens on synthetic, virtual portfolios. These tokens are exposed to asset prices to provide signals intelligence for the protocol to make automated trades.

Most index projects are highly centralized, fragile, and inefficient, with only a few asset managers operating the index or relying on basic rebalancing algorithms. Pollen opens up the possibility for genuinely decentralized asset management by utilizing the knowledge of the crowd by leveraging an on-chain trading reputation system. The pollen protocol allows users to run virtual portfolios, and then the platform takes signals from the top performers to trade for and rebalance indexes accurately.

Pollen allows anyone to perform different roles, including Investors and portfolio managers or both. Pollen created an incentive structure to reward people who make the best investment decisions on behalf of the portfolio and for their actions in helping to manage the portfolio. In addition, By creating this merit-based structure, Pollen users can have their portfolio managed 24/7, automatically adapting the algorithm and trading according to market conditions.

The native ERC20 PLN token is used as a governance, reputation, and rewards token on the protocol and is relied upon to operate the Pollen platform.

About AscendEX

AscendEX is a global cryptocurrency financial platform servicing more than one million institutional and retail traders with the resources needed to obtain more value from their crypto investments. Operating at the nexus of centralized finance and decentralized finance, AscendEX’s platform features access to margin, futures, and spot trading, a robust wallet infrastructure, and staking support for over 200 industry-leading blockchain projects, all producing industry leading yields and returns, further driving the growth of the crypto ecosystem. In efforts to cultivate scalable and secure forms of decentralized financing, AscendEX has emerged as a leading platform by ROI on its “initial exchange offerings” through supporting some of the industry’s most innovative projects from the DeFi ecosystem.

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About PLN

Pollen is a fully decentralized asset management platform which leverages the collective intelligence of its community. They are removing the restraints that come with traditional asset management and give the power to the investors.

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