Ask Me Anything. Maya Preferred 223 Is Conducting An AMA This Tuesday

April 29th, 2019 at 5:37 pm UTC · 2 min read

Maya Preferred 223, a stablecoin backed with gold and silver from 8 Mexican mines, announced they will be having a public AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Tuesday, April 30th. The AMA will last from 10 to 11 AM UTC-4 and will be hosted by this link on the platform.

Ask Me Anything. Maya Preferred 223 Is Conducting An AMA This Tuesday

James Dahlke, CEO and co-founder of Maya Preferred 223, said:

“Now since the price of MAPR is bigger than that of Bitcoin, people have started asking questions. The same questions we get from exchanges and crypto indexes. Transparency is very important for our project, so we are conducting a public AMA, where anyone will be able to ask whatever they want to know. I will answer all the questions myself and try to shed light on any issues related to Maya Preferred”.

The rules of the AMA have been published on Maya’s subreddit. The Maya Preferred 223 team has stressed that all questions must be connected to the project, and all irrelevant questions related to other projects will be removed.

About Maya Preferred 223

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is a stablecoin, based on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Each coin is backed with approximately $23.000 in gold and silver from 8 assets, located in Mexico: Santiago Apóstol, Jual del Oro, Grano del Oro, La Fortuna, La Guadalupe, La Guadalupe II, El Milagro and El Milagro II.

MAPR is currently traded on FatBTC exchange. When U.K. Financial Ltd, the company developing Maya Preferred, recently added another new backing asset, the stablecoin’s individual price overgrew the value of a single Bitcoin. At the moment of writing one MAPR is trading at almost 1.5 BTC, equal to about $8000.


Maya Preferred

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