Real Estate Platform ATLANT is Expected to Provide Revolutionary Capabilities In the Market

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Real Estate Platform ATLANT is Expected to Provide Revolutionary Capabilities In the Market

The ATLANT platform offers the most efficient solution for buying and selling tokenized property units, eliminating high barriers of entry and expensive attorneys at $217 trillion global real estate market.

ATLANT announced its cutting edge global real estate platform, which is believed to provide revolutionary capabilities in terms of security, efficiency and profitability in the global real estate market.

ATLANT blockchain platform’s main aim is to provide a secure, tamper-proof system enabling its users to trade parcels of property without traditionally prohibitive costs without inefficiencies. It will allow users to avoid third parties in rental deals thanks to its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction features, which, in their turn, will enhance usability and security for guests and hosts, reduce costs, and drive accelerated adoption. Simultaneously it aims to disrupt Airbnb and Booking with their inflated rental intermediary fees and fake reviews.

The ATLANT platform will make the process of ownership transfer easier, simplify fractional holding without any constraints, alleviate tax-connected issues, make cross-border transactions simpler, and eliminate the substantial extra expenses faced in certain jurisdictions arising due to bureaucracy and unnecessary intermediaries.

Julian Svirsky, CEO of ATLANT and a Wall Street veteran with 14 years of experience in hedge funds and global investment banks states:

We foresee unprecedented opportunities for disruption in the global real estate and lodging markets. The ATLANT platform will allow investors, lodging guests and property owners to benefit in many ways, providing cost-savings and convenience, compared to the currently inefficient and expensive options.

ATLANT is Ethereum based decentralized system, governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The platform is powered by its core token, abbreviated as “ATL”. The units of ATL are actually membership units in ATLANT, which give specific, proportionate rights and privileges to their owners, coming from the unique features of the platform.

For context, real estate is the largest asset class in the world, and, at the same time, is one of the least efficient. By empowering the $217+ trillion global real estate market (with 2017 estimated volume of $1.4 trillion) Atlant creates more secure, transparent and liquid ways to invest and trade, thus not only creating more profit through expediting transactions at lower total cost, but also expanding the size of the market by welcoming smaller-scale participants.

In the long view, once government real estate property and land registers are fully blockchain-compliant, ATLANT plans to partner with various governmental jurisdictions in order to make, buy, and sell transactions of smaller, tokenized real estate asset units feasible all over the world. It will become possible with integration of the ATLANT platform with blockchain-based governmental registries, which will also result in significantly expanding the size of the already-vast global real estate market.

The number of existing pilot projects in Sweden, the Republic of Georgia, Ghina, Ukraine, Japan and the United States indicates strong interest in relevant blockchain-based solutions.

Since in December 2016, ATLANT has been working with leading experts in finance, real estate, emerging markets and scientific fields to develop the upcoming ATLANT platform.

ATLANT’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is scheduled at September, with platform launch planned for March 2018. However yesterday, August 1, ATLANT has started a pre ICO, providing investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase ATL Tokens at a deep discount.

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