Avalanche Foundation Invests $50M to Bring More Tokenized Assets to Blockchain

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Avalanche Foundation Invests $50M to Bring More Tokenized Assets to Blockchain
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The Avalanche Vista project will push the tokenization of assets on the blockchain network. These assets span a wide spectrum including equity, real estate, credit, commodities, and others that are blockchain-native. 

Blockchain-based tokenized assets are the future of the financial world and the Avalanche Foundation is undertaking all efforts to push it forward. On Tuesday, July 25, the Avalanche Foundation launched the Avalanche Vista project which is a $50 million initiative in order to spur the tokenization on the Avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche Blockchain

Tokenization basically means the on-chain representation of any off-chain asset. This could be any physical assets, digital assets, or other things. Under the Avalanche Vista project, they would be considering assets across a wide range of spectrum such as equity, real estate, credit, commodities, and others that are blockchain-native.

Tokenization enables digital asset transactions, including property transactions, and democratizes asset allocation. It allows multiple investors to pool funds for purchasing a single asset, making it accessible to smaller investors who might find traditional markets costly to enter.

The Avalanche Foundation has set aside $50 million to support the development of a financial system that is easier, faster, and cheaper to use. They will use Avalanche’s unique technology to showcase how tokenization can improve various financial processes, like issuing assets and managing transactions, using blockchain technology. Also, their goal is to make tokenization and on-chain finance more accessible and efficient for everyone. Speaking on the development, John Wu, President of Ava Labs said:

“Asset tokenization isn’t just the future of capital markets, it’s a critical driver of the present. The groundswell of momentum across institutions building on-chain has been astounding, and the Avalanche Foundation is taking a big leap forward with this initiative.”

Tokenization of Securities and Other Assets

A large majority of the capital market participants believe that traditional securities would be digitized over the next 5-10 years. Also by the end of 2030, the size of tokenized securities market shall touch a total of $20 trillion.

Making private market investing more accessible has been a big challenge. Usually, only big institutional investors and very wealthy individuals can invest in these markets. This is because of the high costs and manual processes involved in managing these investments.

However, using blockchain technology and tokenization can help overcome these barriers. It can make asset issuance and management easier and more efficient. This means more people can invest in private markets without large sums of money.

Recently, there has been a growing trend in both traditional financial institutions and crypto projects to use blockchain for on-chain use cases, which were previously managed off-chain.

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