Banca Creates New Path to Value Creation

Place/Date: - February 23rd, 2018 at 7:11 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Banca

Every business starts with basic ambition of value creation, seeking to generate and distribute value in a proficient and effective manner that ultimately delivers profits to the stakeholders. Investment banks thrive on the business premise of creating value for its client by assisting them in large and multifaceted financial transactions.

When the impression of ‘Too Big To Fall’ was broken during the financial crisis of 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the significance of such global investments were questioned under their ethical governance policies and effective information sharing, putting independent asset management organizations at disadvantage compared to compared with large investment banks.

Banca led in this domain to create value with its pioneering community investment bank concept and create a new decentralized, democratic, and fair competition based investment bank business model using the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and big data processing.

Banca seeks to revolutionize the entire investment banking gamut using its decentralized community investment bank and create exceptional value for all of its stakeholders. The moral hazards under the current investment banking business model such as lack of transparency, biased opinion and unequal opportunities to participants, insider trading and market manipulation creates hurdles in value creation.

Banca’s improved business model for investment banking prevents these moral hazards while constantly effectively refining efficiency through technologically advanced and efficiently automated management of the Banca ecological chain.

Banca’s efficient uses of artificial intelligence, big data analysis and expert systems for automation can generate additional value by overcoming the human errors and simplify the data management & analytics as well as increasing service efficiency.

The decentralized community investment bank seeks to modernize all aspects of business such as both primary and secondary markets coupled with OTC digital financial services and basic services. By allowing the free participation to the evaluators in the Banca community and providing evaluation details, Banca wants to break the monopoly of the large investment banks.

The Banca platform shrewdly and efficiently analyzes and processes the information, project sides and investors to deliver intelligent investment banking services for its clients.

Banca’s new-age intelligent management of information and technologically superior community investment bank helps users to quickly locate accurate information and services, rate each member on the basis of business level, professional skills and reliability and automatically determines business terms.

With its robust network and powerfully secured blockchain technology works using the licensing mechanism based on the crowdfunding chain of consortium blockchain. It also ensures the cooperation of the consortium blockchain participants by incurring a monetary loss on malicious participants.

The community investment bank’s powerful predictive analysis helps in judging the accurate movements of tokens by mining all the information starting from historical data to deep developmental records.

The expert team at Banca seeks to reform and change the way investment banking industry works. Banca has challenged the current investment banking business models and have sought to create a new path to value creation by its decentralized community investment bank.