BANKEX, the Top-50 FinTech Company Worldwide,Will Launch Token Sale on November 28

November 2nd, 2017 at 1:32 pm UTC · 4 min read

BANKEX, the decentralized Bank-as-a-Service enterprise, today announced that their Token Sale Event (TSE) will take place on November 28. Using proprietary fintech solutions, BANKEX aims to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance.

“We hope to have a transformative effect upon traditional finance and investment, micro-financing, real estate, as well as illiquid assets, natural resources, and derivatives markets. This is a large undertaking and will require substantial investment. The market gap is large, the potential is huge, and the aim is clear. We want to bring emerging Blockchain solutions to the established banking sector,” said Igor Khmel, Founder and CEO of BANKEX.

Token Generation Event

Having raised $10 million USD in soft and hard commitments in the first two weeks of its presale and private sale period, BANKEX’s TSE will take place between November 28, 2017, and December 28, 2017. Interested parties can use ETH and BTC to participate in the sale. Capped at $40 million USD for retail investors contributing in both presale and public token sale, BANKEX will sell BKX tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 500 BKX. Actively working on partnerships with financial institutions to develop pilot projects and proof-of-concepts, BANKEX has frozen a number of BKX tokens for release to institutional clients.

BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel is a fintech entrepreneur with experience in product development, operations, and digital strategy implementation. With an MBA from Stanford School of Business, Khmel’s professional track-record includes professional tenures at prestigious organizations McKinsey, Deloitte, and Citadel. Khmel also founded a fintech laboratory and innovation practice at Sberbank, the largest bank in Eastern Europe.

Deploying smart contracts and powered by the tokenization of assets, the BANKEX platform enables off-balance sheet crowdfunding and chain finance to function on existing infrastructure, creating novel and efficient solutions for banks and other financial institutions.

With compliance and security as top priorities, BANKEX is in close cooperation with cybersecurity firm Group-IB to help mitigate risks at all stages of the token sale. In addition, all participants must go through an in-depth registration process. The privacy of the individual is respected throughout and no sensitive personal information is collected. Once registered, participants will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with the presale. This email will include the ETH/BTC address that presale contributions should be sent to.

“All resources acquired, during our TSE, will be used to ensure the success of all stakeholders involved in the BANKEX project. We aim to be fully resourced and equipped to fulfil our mission statement and to ensure we continue to grow and expand upon our team of world class employees,” concluded Khmel.

Advisory board

BANKEX’s stellar board of advisors consists of industry experts such as Sergey Sergienko, Founder of Chronobank, Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves, Nehemia Kramer, an early stage investor in Ethereum, Chris Skinner, a leading financial markets strategist, Gabriele Colombo, Executive Director of Symphony Foundation, and Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics at Maryland University.

With industry-wide support, BANKEX’S partners include ConsenSys formation Balanc3, Microsoft, Dostavista, a global crowdsourced delivery service that operates in nine countries, Symphony Foundation, a foundation comprised of leading US banks, and the Moscow Exchange, the largest exchange group in Russia. In May 2017 BANKEX was listed by Financial IT’s Pathfinder Ranking as one of the Top-50 fintech companies worldwide.

The official Token Sale (check the whitepaper here) is set to begin on November 28 – click here to join it.


Using standardized Fintech solutions, BANKEX, the decentralized Bank-as-a-Service enterprise, aims to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance. Deploying smart contracts and enabling tokenization, the platform powers off-balance sheet crowdfunding, chain finance and leverages external infrastructure, creating efficient and time effective solutions. BANKEX’s innovative solutions have far-reaching areas of application and are posed to have transformative effects upon traditional finance and investment, micro-financing, real estate, as well as illiquid assets, natural resources, and futures markets.


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Disclaimer: BANKEX is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest