Barcelona Tops List of Workcation Destinations

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Barcelona Tops List of Workcation Destinations
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Spain introduced a new digital nomad program last year, inviting people to come work in its cities.

Barcelona has emerged as the ideal destination for anyone looking to take a workcation. This is the result of a recent report by IWG analyzing twenty-six cities globally. The cities were evaluated across eight parameters, including climate, culture, accommodation, transport, food and drink. Other parameters considered include the happiness index, broadband speed, and availability of flexible workspace.

Barcelona topped the list, followed by Toronto, Beijing, Milan, New York, Rio De Janeiro, and Amsterdam. Paris, Jakarta, and Lisbon complete the rest of the top ten cities evaluated.

According to Darren Rogers of IWG Singapore, “the categories were chosen to consider the optimal environment for working abroad including basic livability requirements.” Rogers noted that broadband speed and flexible workspaces could impact productivity, hence their inclusion.

Why Barcelona Ranked Highest

Barcelona is popular for its vibrant cultural scene and astonishing architecture. The city also enjoys sunshine almost through the year, making it a highly coveted destination among international visitors.

Again, Spain introduced a new digital nomad program last year, inviting people to come work in its cities. Considering that Barcelona has a relatively low cost of living when compared to other popular European cities, it makes sense that it will attract millions of visitors.

Interestingly, Barcelona did not rank higher on broadband speed and availability of flexible workspaces. It also scored average on the happiness index. Compared to Fremont, the happiest city to live in the United States, there may be some space for improvements in this regard.

Rising Workcation Trends

While workcations are not an entirely new phenomenon, this trend is gaining momentum now, with more and more people who have a hybrid work format embracing it. A survey of 1000 such employees revealed that 57% took workcations in the past year. Many of these extended their holidays, choosing to perform their job responsibilities from abroad.

According to IWG founder and CEO Mark Dixon, “for an increasing number of workers, hybrid working offers the opportunity to work wherever we will be the most productive.” Dixon believes this is why more employees are opting for workcations.

With trends shifting towards location flexibility, it makes sense that people capitalize on the possibilities of the new work system. In return, Rogers believes employers benefit since such teams tend to be “highly engaged, happy and productive teams”.

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