BeEasy Unveils Single-Solution Crypto Management for Users of Any Kind

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BeEasy Unveils Single-Solution Crypto Management for Users of Any Kind
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Global team of industry leaders have come together to create an integrated platform of turnkey crypto services catering both veteran and amateur entrants called BeEasy.

The quadrupling of the cryptocurrency market cap from under $150 billion to $610 billion during 2017 means that cryptocurrency’s significance as an emerging market can no longer be ignored.

Recognizing this current and growing relevance, an integrated platform – BeEasy – was introduced. BeEasy will not only enable users invest fiat into cryptocurrency but also engage as independent participants in the niche sectors of crypto mining through cloud mining services. BeEasy’s aim is to be instantly and easily accessible, ready to be used with bare settings.

Stepping Into the New World

BeEasy understands that for a decentralized economy of cryptocurrency and blockchain networks to succeed, it must achieve the widest possible involvement of user groups yet to be introduced. BeEasy’s uncluttered structure and system will look to quantify the most basic information available for users, such as current holdings, current services used and their statuses, while also allowing fast fund transfers and transaction chains. Once users are confident of settings, they can choose full automation to let robots perform all their interactions.

BeEasy CEO Alexander Bespalov reflected that digital technology, once the realm of future predictions, have finally arrived to become the living reality for global citizens. The rapid pace of digitization, with everyday usage of new technologies and global computerization, has led to even emerging techs such as blockchain become widely known.

Bespalov pointed out that millions of people had become crypto users during only the past six months. He believes that the BeEasy’s eco-mechanism would be the single destination for all users, old and new alike, to meet their business and finance needs – something very much in demand.

All in all, BeEasy hopes that as soon as customers realize that this new single user identification platform is a huge improvement over current solutions (that are technically difficult to learn and require constant monitoring), they will move over and adopt it.

The Ease of BeEasy

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of every type of user, BeEasy consists of six services:

  1. EasyData: a real-time overview of leased capacities, a crypto account, rented capacity adjustment, profitability calculator and mining monitor.
  2. EasyPool: a multi-crypto mining pool and mining management system.
  3. EasyPlay: service to send and receive real assets and services for cryptocurrency.
  4. EasyTrade: a cryptocurrency exchange integrated with leading trade software such as MetaTrader and TickTrader, plus an online brokerage and trading interface.
  5. EasyFund: a convenient investment portfolio to monitor liquidity and return on assets, in either USD, BTC or ETH.
  6. EasyCare: a charity portal listing partner non-profits and charities for users to donate to and track donations.

Representative branches are planned in emerging markets of Asia, Europe and Latin America where crypto penetration are the highest.

The comprehensive yet simple approach of individual arrangements translates to a competent crypto investment strategy from mining – including cloud mining participation – to leveraging proceeds in real markets of goods and services, or trading and exchanging on external crypto markets.

The EasyToken (EKTN) Token Sale

Successfully raising $1.5 million from early investors and pre-token sale events, further funds are being sought for onward development of the multi-platform BeEasy service. The ongoing sale runs from February 1st to April 30th, 2018, with the EasyTokens (EKTN) set at a fixed price of 0.02 BTC per token. Tokens are ERC-20 compliant based on the Ethereum blockchain and divisible to four decimals.

A total of 200,000 ETKN have been emitted for the purposes of the crowdfunding, 80% of which will be available for sale. All tokens unsold will be liquidated and no further tokens will ever be issued. The funds raised will first go towards financing the project’s hard objectives, including purchase of mining equipment to be rented out to users of the cloud mining project.

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