Benefits of NFT Monitoring on OpenSea for Play-to-Earn Gaming

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Benefits of NFT Monitoring on OpenSea for Play-to-Earn Gaming
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Gamers have multiple options when it comes to play-to-earn games. Check out different games to determine what works best for you in terms of compatibility with your gadget and user interface.

A recent study suggests that nearly 60% of video game developers in the US and UK are utilizing blockchain technology in their game mechanics. While 57% have a keen interest in DeFi and GameFi capabilities, 47% are beginning to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their games.

Play-to-earn games are increasingly becoming an everyday reality instead of a futuristic idea. Players all over the world can now earn NFTs from the countless hours they spend behind screens. Even better, they can monetize these NFTs in the real market to earn: a feat that is difficult to do or otherwise banned with traditional games.

However, there is more than money in play-to-earn games. The technology’s disruption will bring game assets, digital identities, and ownership rights directly to the player. At the same time, there are more creative actions you can do to enhance your play-to-earn experience. Check out the following.

Know Your Best Play-to-Earn Video Game

Gamers have multiple options when it comes to play-to-earn games. Check out different games to determine what works best for you in terms of compatibility with your gadget and user interface. For instance, some games work in consoles only while others can support both PC and mobile operating systems. Remember, the better your experience, the more the chances of earning as many NFTs as possible.

Play to Generate Value

Players can earn NFTs in play-to-earn games through various collectibles such as skins, weapons, coins, and gift boxes. Starting from scratch and building your progress gradually allows you to earn as many collectibles as possible. This translates to more NFTs when you trade them in an open market. Many players grind their way to level up precious NFTs, in hopes that they will gain considerable market value later on.

Track or Monitor Your NFTs

Another strategy for getting the most out of play-to-earn games is tracking or monitoring NFTs. Cutting-edge solutions like PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers allow you to monitor blockchain activity, including NFTs. PARSIQ is an automation system that links blockchain data to off-chain applications through real-time notifications on network activity. Such technology allows anyone, including gamers as well as developers, to do more with NFT data in existing apps we frequently use.

Even better, you can customize the type of notifications you want to receive if a specific event happens. For instance, developers from a play-to-earn platform may want to know about detailed stats on the platform’s NFT prices, listings, buying, and selling that’s happening on OpenSea. Metrics like the average floor prices of NFT characters, the daily sales volume of a common power-up, or even the specific ownership tracking of a rare NFT can be easily tracked with PARSIQ NFT monitoring. This can help game developers to make informed upgrades to the platform and better serve the end-users. There’s nothing more clear-cut than transparent on-chain data aggregated straight to apps like Google Sheets or custom dashboards.

The powerful flexibility in choosing what NFT data, when and how gives developers an edge to stay up to date in the fast-moving play-to-earn ecosystem.

Leveraging real-time OpenSea data using PARSIQ Smart Triggers is beneficial to players as well in many ways. For instance, you can monitor NFT prices to determine the best weapons, skins, and items to purchase and enhance your gaming experience. You can also know the ideal time to sell your hard-earned collectibles, depending on real-time bid offers on OpenSea.

Had an eye on that one NFT you’ve always wanted? You can set instant notifications to your Telegram if the NFT price goes below your chosen threshold price. This can empower buyers to purchase the NFT at their desired price before it sells out.


Play-to-earn games are the real deal for gamers. You get rewarded for playing, collecting in-game items and ultimately leveling up your NFT assets. With PARSIQ Smart Trigger monitoring on OpenSea, you can enhance the play-to-earn experience with rich tools to do more – whether you are an active gamer or a rockstar developer.

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