Beosin: Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem

Place/Date: - February 18th, 2022 at 11:45 am UTC · 3 min read
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Beosin is a leading global blockchain security brand co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities. The team consists of 100+ security experts, including 40+ PhDs and postdocs. The core team members have accumulated over 20 years of experience in formal verification technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and big data mining technology.

Beosin product series include smart contract audit service, blockchain platform audit service, smart contract detection product, and situation awareness product. Through security audits of more than 2,000 smart contracts and 50+ public blockchains worldwide, Beosin has successfully protected nearly $10 billion of assets and has been fully recognized by global partners.

Smart Contract Audit: Co-audited by More than 20 Top Blockchain Security Engineers Worldwide

Beosin provides professional security audit service for smart contracts of multiple blockchain platforms based on formal verification technology. Through comprehensive verification on traditional vulnerabilities and business logic correctness, Beosin ensures the consistency between code and business logic.

Smart contract audit services include Defi contract, Token contract, Gamefi contract, DApp contract, and other customized smart contracts.

The audit report summarizes the results from the formal verification tool and manual review including detailed information about the identified vulnerabilities with severity (critical, high, medium, low and informational) and fix recommendations. With Charts and graphs, the report presents you with a visual insight into project.

Blockchain Platform Audit: Multi-dimensional, Multi-round and Multi-way Detection of Blockchain Security

Beosin provides multi-dimensional security testing for codes of blockchain platforms, and effectively guarantee the overall security of blockchain platform in aspects of node communication, storage, consensus and authority management through different auditing methods, such as black box, gray box and white box testing.

Blockchain Platform Audit services include language coding security audit, block production and governance audit, account system security audit, asset security audit and application-layer security audit.

Beosin-VAAS: Improving the Security of Smart Contracts for Developers

The automatic smart contract security analysis platform (Beosin-VAAS) provides static scanning, fuzzy testing and formal verification capabilities for smart contract codes. The platform supports 100+ testing items including traditional vulnerabilities and business logic correctness on multiple public blockchains such as ETH, BSC, MATIC, AAVE, ONT, EOS, etc., with an accuracy rate of above 97%. It can precisely locate the risky codes while giving recommendations to help developers improve the security of smart contracts.

You just need to upload the contract and the platform will automatically start detection. It provides customized configuration for different blockchain platform parameters. VAAS supports inter-call between multiple contracts, able to verify the properties between contracts. The vulnerability report presents the vulnerabilities details including types, severity, and also modification suggestions.

Beosin: Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem

Beosin-Eagle Eye: Provide Dapp Operators with Project Intelligence and Real-time Risk Alerts

Eagle Eye is an integrated monitoring platform designed for blockchain project owners. By automatically assessing security situation of contracts, monitoring on-chain operations and real-time transactions, it can identify suspicious transactions, comprehensively assess the operation status, help user to find out risks and get disposal suggestions, and finally setup security shield for project operation and asset protection.

Eagle Eye realizes real-time monitoring of transaction trends, security intelligence and suspicious transactions on the blockchain. It assesses the overall project security level through multiple dimensions and provides a security score for each dimension. It also evaluates the contract code security, transaction security, and transaction volatility to trace the security of contract lifecycle.

Beosin: Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem

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