Betting Pioneers LuckyBit Offer Winnings Up To 15BTC With New Real-Time Interactive Dice Game

Place/Date: Curacao - May 13th, 2020 at 5:58 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Martin Prinosil, Source: LuckyBit

Betting Pioneers LuckyBit Offer Winnings Up To 15BTC With New Real-Time Interactive Dice Game

The crypto gambling landscape in 2013 mostly consisted of Satoshidice. LuckyBit revolutionised crypto gambling back then with the introduction of Plinko. The game was a huge hit because it made gambling more fun – everybody loved the excitement of waiting to see where their coins would fall. LuckyBit is now revolutionizing the crypto gaming world again, by giving ‘Dice’ a much needed upgrade.

Dice 2020: Games Still Lack Suspense

7 years later, Dice is still very popular. But all the dice games out there still look like a 2013 time-warp. The same old tabular interface, Win/Lose results delivered instantly without any unfolding action. About as much fun as editing an excel spreadsheet.

A Fresh Roll of the Dice

LuckyBit have created a fresh new format of a dice game in which all players’ bets can see their bets unfold in real-time, and cheer each other on. Players familiar with dice will instantly understand that this is fundamentally the same game they are accustomed to, but with a lot more excitement

BinaryFate, co-founder of LuckyBit commented:

“We thought of this innovative gameplay for Dice years ago, convinced that the introduction of suspense could be quite literally a game changer. Life and other projects got in the way, but when we saw the total lack of innovation year after year, we felt we had to do something about it. I am thrilled to see LuckyBit now proposing a new experience to Dice players that simply did not exist anywhere.

Binaryfate continues:

Our new game retains everything that has made dice so popular through the years, while adding suspense and social concepts. Visualizing the bets of everyone unfolding live is incredibly exciting.”

Players can now win up to 15 BTC at LuckyBit! As an added incentive, to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving, chatbot lotto is going to be offering some huge payouts. In addition, the payout of all trophies have been bumped up for a limited time.

Martin Prinosil, marketing manager at LuckyBit added:

“To mark the occasion, we are now rewarding players more than ever in a running series of promotions, such as 100% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS or Happy Hour giveaways. “

Players looking for something more exciting that the same old dice games can check out Luckybit Dice, and win a huge 15 BTC prize today!

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