Bid4CC Proudly Announces World’s First Cryptocurrency Auction Site

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Bid4CC Proudly Announces World’s First Cryptocurrency Auction Site
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Virtual money bidding portal Bid4CC breaks ground as the world’s first cryptocurrency auction site.

The world’s first Bitcoin auction site Bid4CC has announced the launch of its unique bitcoin bidding website. Bid4CC’s virtual portal aims to deliver fast, easy, reliable bidding and rewards for its users.

The platform will enable all users afford the bidding, so even first-time bidders can win huge amounts of BTC, LTC, DASH, and BCH, through simply making unique bids. Bid4CC believes that being the first bidding site of its kind it has a considerable advantage over the market at this stage.

How Does It Work?

Users of the new platform need to register in order to take a shot at winning some substantial prizes. Bid4CC has invited all token sale enthusiasts to take part in the online Bid-and-Win events, which run daily, weekly and monthly.

Unlike any other public sales, the auction that BID4CC hosts is based on a reversed bidding mechanism. Instead of the highest bidder, Bid4CC gives cryptocurrency prizes to whoever enters the lowest unique bid. In the MEGA auction, the price is 1 BTC. To make it more clear, the bidding mechanism works like this:

  • 8-BIDS @ 1.02
  • 4-BIDS @ 1.05
  • 1-BID @ 1.08
  • 1-BID @ 1.06

The individual with the lowest single unique bid will ultimately win the 1 BTC prize. In this case, the lowest single unique bid is 1.06

Once implemented, Bid4CC’s virtual portal not only offers potentially considerable financial gains to long-time users, but it also opens the door to those individually uninitiated with cryptocurrencies, offering them a glance at the blockchain community. This means that those, who are not familiar with ICOs, now have the chance to acquire digital assets with the ease of placing any number of bids they can afford. In other words, the site aims to offer auction-packed service that would grant all levels of players an equal chance of success.

Bid4CC has chosen to kick-start its operation by launching Big Bid Packages, welcoming all new BID4CC clients. Individuals can join the auction via BID4CC’s new website. Registration is free of charge and anyone who wants to try their luck needs to sign up.

Once registered, players get a chance to familiarize themselves with the bid-and-win platform receiving their first 5 bids completely free of charge. Once players have expended their 5 free bids they can deposit bitcoin into their account and chose from one of the platform’s bid packages.

  • 0.0030BTC for 100-BIDS
  • 0.0061BTC for 250-BIDS
  • 0.0120BTC for 650-BIDS

All in all, Bid4CC ambitiously hopes to lead the way in the field bringing its users further in the cryptocurrency market.

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