Altcoin Animal Attack: Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin and Floki Inu Prove Why They’re Ones to Watch This Season

May 16th, 2023 at 10:00 am UTC · 3 min read

It’s meme coin madness this season. The altcoin animals have infiltrated the crypto market, and three important cryptocurrencies battle to be king of the crypto jungle. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Apecoin (APE) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) prove to the masses why they’re worth investing in.

Altcoin Animal Attack: Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin and Floki Inu Prove Why They’re Ones to Watch This Season

Go Barking Mad for Floki Inu

Floki Inu is named after Elon Musk’s very own furry companion, but don’t be fooled by the name or the backstory; this is a cryptocurrency worth taking seriously. It is safe to infer that Floki Inu was created to add to the buzz around meme coins at the time. Floki Inu is commended for the degree of community outreach it fosters; the platform aspires to build a strong community of enthusiasts and investors who care deeply about giving something back to charity, as Floki Inu supports a range of animal welfare institutions and shelters. This dedication to important causes has had a significant influence on the band’s current popularity.

The Floki Inu network is currently focusing on three specific initiatives that will undoubtedly benefit the ecosystem and provide revenue for investors. In the play-to-earn virtual world game Valhalla, the $FLOKI currency will be the platform’s primary means of trade and payment. Another initiative is FlokiPlace, a marketplace for exchanging NFTs. The third option is Floki University, which was founded to educate crypto newbies about this intriguing, digital new world.

Altcoin Animal Attack: Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin and Floki Inu Prove Why They’re Ones to Watch This Season

King Koin: The Rise of Apecoin

Apecoin is thought to be a coin created specifically for metaverse enthusiasts and those interested in the collection and trade of digital creations and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Apecoin is a new coin that has only been in circulation since March 2022. Despite this, many people are gravitating towards Apecoin, which traded for more than 2.3 billion dollars in the first week of its debut. It has been fairly famous on social media, with numerous mentions on Twitter and Reddit.

Apecoin, despite all of this, has faults. The price of the coin varied significantly within the first week of its debut, ranging from $40 to $6.48. This implies that it follows the volatility of most cryptocurrencies, making it difficult for users to know whether to invest their money. However, because it is still in its youth, Apecoin will require more time to flourish and prove its worth in the crypto market.

Altcoin Animal Attack: Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin and Floki Inu Prove Why They’re Ones to Watch This Season

Big Eyes Coin: Sinking Its Claws into Crypto

Since its inception, Big Eyes Coin has made history. Big Eyes Coin has forever transformed how presales operate in the beautiful world of crypto with its record-breaking presale and unique features! Loot Boxes exploded in popularity when they initially became available. They created buzz and excitement because investors might possibly receive a 5000% return on their investment, encouraging an influx of consumers to acquire Loot Boxes.

Big Eyes Coin is passionate about giving back to the community and the environment. As global warming slows the world’s progress, Big Eyes Coin wishes to do everything in its power to preserve our planet. This is why a charity wallet has been created, with 5% of all $BIG going to help conserve the oceans from pollution and overfishing.

Using code END300 will get potential investors 300% extra $BIG on their initial deposit before June 3rd.

For more on Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Website, TelegramTwitterYouTubeOpenSea.

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