Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Drops New $1 Million Prize – FightOut & Metcade, the Gaming Cryptos for 2023

Place/Date: - March 6th, 2023 at 1:52 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Drops New $1 Million Prize – FightOut & Metcade, the Gaming Cryptos for 2023

Big Eyes Coin: $1 Million Prize for the Price of $10K?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new community-owned ERC-20 token in the meme coin space that has been built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has KYC certification by CoinSniper and has its contract code fully audited by Solidarity Finance and plans to go live on the market after completing 15 stages of its presale.

Big Eyes Coin employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus to process to validate transactions which also reduces blockchain energy requirements by eliminating crypto mining, this contributes significantly to climate change. Big Eyes Coin has a visible wallet that will hold 5% of its total token supply to be donated to several ocean-saving charities.

Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Drops New $1 Million Prize – FightOut & Metcade, the Gaming Cryptos for 2023

Big Eyes Coin has been running its Loot Box gaming feature since February and dropped a massive loot box containing huge rewards. Loot boxes are a video game feature that can be found during gameplay, earned as a reward, or paid for with real money. The latest loop box drop, Excali-Paw Master Chest costs $10,000 to open and contains prizes ranging from $10,000 to a whopping $1 million worth of BIG tokens.

The other loot boxes; Saver Tin, Cute Box, Kitty Vault, and Super Saiyan Box costs $10, $100, $500, and $1000 respectively to open with prizes ranging from $500, $5000, $25,000, and $100,000 worth of BIG tokens. The loot boxes will last only during the presale stage, three stages more, and buyers will not lose a cent as the results are always randomized, and at the minimum, users will always get their money back.

Big Eyes Coin, now in stage 12, has so far raised $31 million in presale tokens and will go live when it raises $50 million at the end of stage 15. A BIG token is currently priced at $0.00049, and purchasing $1000 of BIG will earn an investor 2,040,816 BIG coins at the launch date. This is in comparison to the $10,000,000 worth of BIG coins an investor would earn after purchasing a token in stage 1 at $0.0001.

Time is running out, so get your BIG tokens fast.

FightOut – Train to Gain Rewards

FightOut (FGHT) is a move-2-earn fitness app and gym chain with a game-like landscape that incorporates the fitness lifestyle. FightOut, which has been endorsed by professional MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos plans to revolutionize the way people train and compete through its Play-to-Earn games where users will be rewarded for completing workouts and challenges, earning badges, and growing the community.

The current Initial Coin Offer, which is set to end on 31st March plans to raise money to fund the project by building a fitness app with web3 aspects and built in physical gym locations.

Metacade – The Brand New Gaming Experience

Metacade (MCADE) is a Web3 community hub where gamers and crypto users can communicate and collaborate, intending to build the world’s first community-developed play-to-earn crypto arcade.

Metacade is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently in stage 5 of its Initial Coin Offer, it has raised $8,272,726 in presale tokens and will move on to the next stage once it raises $8,835,000 presale tokens.

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