Big Eyes Coin Presale Ends In Three Weeks — Time to Go BIG, Or Go Home

Place/Date: - May 16th, 2023 at 5:18 am UTC · 4 min read
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The emergence of meme coins in the crypto market completely shifted the general atmosphere that initially surrounded the industry. What was once a serious industry with a high barrier to entry suddenly welcomed a light-hearted and comical addition that reminded every investor just how fun trading can be.

Big Eyes Coin Presale Ends In Three Weeks- Time to Go BIG, Or Go Home

With Dogecoin (DOGE) leading the charge, the parameters of what qualifies as a successful cryptocurrency were altered practically overnight and opened the gate for many more similar tokens to break into the market, successfully uniting the older and younger generations of investors.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presents an entirely different perspective on meme coins with its reward system and concept. Currently, most of the meme coins on the market are dogs, except the occasional frog or ape, allowing the cat theme to bring a fresh outlook to the market. Furthermore, its reward systems are unlike anything seen before. Starting as small as 20% in the first few months of the presale, this has grown to 300% in the final weeks, cementing the lucrative nature of the platform.

This is not the only thing that sets Big Eyes Coin apart from its competitors. It is a coin that constantly delivers the best opportunities to its investors, so naturally, when it launches, it will bring about the same level of excitement. Big Eyes Coin is set to bring the best experiences to its users when it launches.

Big Eyes Coin Leaps For DEX

Decentralized exchanges are one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency because it enables investors to have access to the most dominant tokens on the market, as well as provide credibility and legitimacy to tokens, which makes investors more inclined to trade them.

Big Eyes Coin’s key mission upon launch is to target some of the major exchanges in the market, possibly including, Bitget, Uniswap, BitForex, and BitMart. These exchanges will give Big Eyes Coin wider exposure over the market and will attract more investors to its doors. With it being listed on these exchanges, it will also give its users a convenient way of trading tokens for $BIG when they want to use the mobile gaming platform.

Kitty Casino: Get $BIG to Win

Big Eyes Coin Presale Ends In Three Weeks- Time to Go BIG, Or Go Home

Big Eyes Coin is currently known for its potential for big returns on investments and the star of its presale is the loot box. This has a minimum investment of $10 but returns up to a million dollars. This has been a widely successful addition ot the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem, bringing sucess and profit to a multitie of users.

It is expected for Big Eyes Coin to now make this on a larger scale.

Furthermore, the Big Eyes Coin casino is set to launch in August, with speculation that this casino could take Big Eyes Coin to unprecedented heights. It is a $BIG exclusive casino which means that users can exchange their crypto holdings for $BIG tokens to use and play with in the casino. Furthermore, it is launching its line of mobile games which are completely Play-to-Earn (P2E) and come with over 4,000 games to play which are also $BIG exclusive.

These give users a great opportunity to earn tokens to either use within the platform or on various exchanges.

Get $BIG Now, Win Later

Big Eyes Coin Presale Ends In Three Weeks- Time to Go BIG, Or Go Home

The Big Eyes Coin presale is set to end on June 3rd and people are eagerly waiting to see the impact it has on the wider market. Now is your only chance to buy the tokens at these prices before they hit the market. Users have a chance of earning their tokens through loot boxes and other means, along with earning extra with the bonus code.

The loot boxes are a great way to earn tokens because of how much it pays out. With a minimum investment of $10, the payout is anything between $500 to a million dollars. Users can use the code END300 to unlock an additional 300% bonus with these tokens.

Furthermore, the NFT collection gives you an excellent way to either earn an immediate profit or turn it into a long-term investment later. Investors can access these NFTs on Opensea which they can collect, mint, and eventually trade.

The Big Eyes Coin launch is one of cryptos most anticipated of 2023. With the potential that it showed during the first stages of its presale, Big Eyes Coin is expected to be a strong rival against meme coin heavyweights like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Furthermore, the addition of the casino gives users a new way of earning their tokens whilst also allowing for the platform itself to be more liquid in terms of the trading volume.

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