Bitcoin or an Apartment: What do Young People around the World Prefer Today?

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Bitcoin or an Apartment: What do Young People around the World Prefer Today?
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Using the services of Bitcoin storage, in a few years, you can expect a significant increase in your investment.

2021, the global crisis is gaining momentum, a pandemic is raging in the world, because of which traditional businesses lose money and go bankrupt and, adapting to new conditions, are revived due to new technologies, in particular, cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency capitalization of the market has exceeded $1 trillion, the price of Bitcoin has reached $40 thousand, and the predictions of industry experts no longer seem to be the machinations of amateurs and speculators. The historical moment for Bitcoin allowed us to make sure that it is not an asset for quick earnings, which was criticized by the majority, after its correction in 2018.

Especially disappointed were the “investors” who bought Bitcoins by $20 thousand, who expected it to become millionaires in a couple of days, but sold it on the fall and suffered losses, although they could easily have a profit of 100% on January 7, 2021. 100% profit for two years, which bank will offer such conditions for deposits? – dead ender.

What Is Bitcoin and Why Is Its Price Constantly Rising?

There are fewer and fewer people who have not yet encountered Bitcoin, but every person who keeps up with the time should have heard about “digital currency”. Bitcoin is this very currency. Among the main advantages of this currency, one can distinguish decentralization, namely, the absence of state structures or commercial enterprises that would have full control over it.

BTC can be used to purchase goods and services in the vast majority of civilized countries, the number of which is gradually growing.

The number of Bitcoins is limited, and the issue occurs by mining, that is, mining through the use of computer power for mathematical calculations. Anyone can mine Bitcoin.

Every 4 years, Bitcoin halves, mining rewards are halved, and more resources are required to mine the cryptocurrency, which, of course, leads to an increase in the value of BTC.

The logical conclusion from the above is that a limited number of Bitcoins and halving (programmatically embedded in the currency) necessarily lead to an increase in the price of BTC as it continues its life cycle.

Why will Everyone Have Cryptocurrencies in the Future?

Bitcoin became the basis for an entire industry, giving rise to a huge variety of cryptocurrencies, each of which was developed to improve existing technologies in any industry or to invent new ones. Of course, the scammers who, under the pretext of creating interesting cryptocurrency projects, have simply collected money from investors and gone.

As a result, many projects managed to achieve success in their niche and give everyone, regardless of their financial situation, the opportunity to implement their ideas, whether it is creating a convenient payment system or innovative data storage technology, organizing instant transfers of funds from anywhere in the world, and so on.

All modern people, at least, are interested in following the development of the industry and the emergence of new projects, and now it is mainly young enthusiasts who earn a lot of money with this.

But in any discussion of cryptocurrencies, the main thing to remember is that the foundation for all digital assets is Bitcoin, which in the future will penetrate into all aspects of people’s daily lives and take one of the key places there.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies and Who Buys Bitcoins?

Currently, it has become as easy as possible to purchase BTC and other digital assets, you only need a bank card and basic understanding of the main verified exchangers list. Bitcoins can also be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance.

The fact that the process of buying BTC becomes so simple also affects the growing popularity of the entire industry, paying for the purchase with a card and receiving BTC to your cryptocurrency wallet takes a few seconds.

Bitcoin is particularly popular among the younger generations, who are eager for new discoveries, actively enjoy all the benefits of the digital age and are focused on the development of alternative currencies, observing all the flaws of traditional currencies. Bitcoin allows you to remain anonymous, make a profit with long-term storage and be sure of a free future where no one can control the funds earned by ordinary people.

Today’s young people prefer not to save for their apartment, car and other benefits, they increasingly prefer to rent an apartment, rent a car, rent a workplace (coworking), and put all the money into the business, invest in their development, income and progress.

If you study the charts on real estate prices for the last 10 years around the world, you can see many different classifications, since they are segmented by type of housing and in general, this assessment is different in each country. For example, in large cities in Russia over the past 10 years, there has been a drop in prices in around 50%, and in the United States, on the contrary, an increase, but also in around of 50-60%, while Bitcoin has grown by 4 million % since 2010, with the peak in 2021, having made the way from about $ 1 price.

Watching the Bitcoin progress, the Z generation chooses an asset, that will allow it to become independent in the future, for them the choice is obvious.

What Makes Bitcoin the Most Attractive Asset?

Stability is the word, that best describes the flagship cryptocurrency. This can cause some dissonance since the asset is highly volatile, not everyone will think about stability when talking about a currency, the exchange rate of which can change by 1000% in 7 months. Despite this, if you follow BTC price motion, you can observe constant growth and new peaks.

At the same time, although there are many decent cryptocurrencies, they can be compared with large companies that can always leave the market for various reasons or lose the price of their shares due to external factors.

Bitcoin cannot be compared with a company, it rather acts as an indispensable technology that all companies use to their advantage, it can not disappear from the market by its nature under any pretext. That is why all cryptocurrencies are always turned towards BTC.

Therefore, the most successful option for interacting with Bitcoin will be its long-term storage in order to make a profit when the currency conquers new price highs.

Where Bitcoins Can Be Stored?

For all investors who have purchased Bitcoins and continue to purchase them at the time of price correction, the issue of storing their digital assets is always relevant. Despite the fact that the industry offers many storage options, the most secure is so-called ‘cold storage’, which provides BTC storing on physical devices in safe and secure locations.

If the amount of cryptocurrency is of tremendous value to its owner, then, as a rule, such an investor uses the services of specialized custodial cryptocurrency storage.

In the case of Russia, a huge advantage of the fact that the currency is digital is the possibility of transferring funds for storage to other countries. First, in Russia, at the legislative level, they are trying to ban the turnover of cryptocurrencies and are looking for ways to complicate the lives of those who invest their funds in it. Secondly, there are a number of countries where there are much more favorable conditions for storing any assets at all, for example, Switzerland. In the perfect country for storing assets, in addition to the well-known advantages, there is also a Crypto Valley that unites all the giants of the industry.

Using the example of Simba.Storage you can evaluate all the advantages of storing your Bitcoins in Switzerland. Located in a country with a high standard of living and a low crime rate, you can be sure that no one will attempt to steal client funds, which makes it easier to organize safe storage.

By choosing such storage, investors will receive additional guarantees of safety funds, including SIMBA stablecoins, which are issued in the ratio of 1 SIMBA = 1 Satoshi to each depositor. Stablecoins can be used at your discretion, they are suitable for all types of payments, payment for goods and services. If you lose access to the storage account, you can always restore it by going through the KYC procedure.

Using the services of Bitcoin storage, in a few years, you can expect a significant increase in your investment.

What if Bitcoin Price Falls?

As mentioned above, it should be clear, that Bitcoin is an asset with high volatility. In any case, its price will be adjusted even to those values, when many market participants begin to panic.

Only patience and self-discipline will allow you to record high profits in time. In the cryptocurrency industry, these qualities will always allow maintaining profit, being often not peculiar to young minds and hearts, but due to the experience factor they are subject to mature minds, it is advisable for everyone to think about their capabilities.

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