Bitcoin Bowl: BitPay Releases Message from CEO Stephen Pair and the First TV Commercials

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read

Bitpay, the official sponsor of the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl 2014, released commercial videos highlighting the bitcoin benefits.

The Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, which started on December 24, is now being watched by millions of bitcoiners all over the world. The game’s official sponsor, BitPay, created short commercial videos aimed at promoting bitcoin and increasing people’s awareness of the technology.

After the partnership with BitPay, the originally called the St. Petersburg Bowl, the event was renamed to the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl. The game has been held on the Tropicana Field stadium in St. Petersburg since 2008  and matches up the Atlantic Coast Conference against the American Athletic Conference.

Notably, the pre-sale tickets for the 2014 event were available for purchase only in digital currency, which helped to increase the adoption of the virtual currency. Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl is the first sports event that is sponsored by the bitcoin company.

The official site of the football game includes commercial videos, explaining the digital currency and Bitpay for those who are unfamiliar with bitcoin.

To promote the cryptocurrency, BitPay Chairman Tony Gallippi, together with BitPay CEO Stephen Pair, presented a 30 seconds video, in which they spoke about the company and highlight the benefits of bitcoin.

“Welcome to the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, as the leader in bitcoin payments, BitPay is forging the future by lowering the risk and costs associated with traditional payment options,” Pair commenced.

“We’ve grown BitPay to eighty employees on three continents, and our team has a goal to have 1,000,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin within two years. We’ve eliminated all transaction fees which is shaking up the payments industry. To get started, visit,” Gallipi said.

The other BitPay commercial, which also outlines the key advantages of using bitcoin as a payment option, is made in a humorous way. It compares the digital currency with credit cards and tells that Bitpay merchants can avoid paying fees, which they were charged by credit card fee collectors (illustrated as mafia) until the adoption of digital currency.

Both videos were aired on ESPN, as well as on field. BitPay is currently looking for other sponsorship opportunities and is targeted at further expansion in Europe and America.

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