Bitcoin Brothers Wants to Disrupt Bitcoin Mining with Supercomputers

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Bitcoin Brothers Wants to Disrupt Bitcoin Mining with Supercomputers
Bitcoin Brothers introduced Massive Super-Efficient Machines (MSEMs) as the computing platform of profitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining and blockchain transactions. Photo: Bitcoin Brothers

German bitcoin company Bitcoin Brothers introduced Massive Super-Efficient Machines that are expected to improve the bitcoin mining and expand the blockchain.

Germany-based bitcoin mining hardware producer Bitcoin Brothers presented its Massive Super-Efficient Machines (MSEM), which will make the bitcoin mining process more efficient. The company introduced MSEMs as the computing platform of profitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining and blockchain transactions.

The machines are based on the first 3D 16nm FinFET ASICs created exclusively by Bitcoin Brothers. Each computer has the power of 5,000 stand-alone 1st-gen bricks.

MSEMs provide miners with total control of their operation and choice of pool, as well as eliminate the need for purchasing the mining hardware.

Mark Welle, Bitcoin Brothers Co-Founder, said: “From the outset, we designed all hardware and business strategy to scale massively. Low-cost machine manufacturing, deployment, and ongoing operations are all laid out to benefit our customers, so at one-tenth of the cost of all competing offers, our MSEMs make mining attractive again for the $2 billion market opportunity Bitcoin mining presents in the next 2 years.”

Initially, the company plans to start trading cloud mining services. CTO Thomas Ackermann said: “We basically have a business model in different stages. The first stage is selling people services for bitcoin mining. People can rent portions of the machines – starting at gigahashes, terahashes up to petahashes.”

“To put our machines in perspective, while SHA256 integer calculations are hard to compare to floating point operations, on the common LINPACK Rpeak and Rmax benchmarks each of our MSEMs outperform the worlds’ fastest supercomputers.”

“If you compare hasher gates to cores, each MSEM has double the number of the 3.1 million cores in Tianhe-2, the No 1 on the PetaFLOP list: and comes at a fraction of the cost, the floor space and 1/20th of its 18 MegaWatt power draw. Our Bitcoin supercomputers with a quasi-opportunistic massively parallel computing model for job scheduling establish a new exascale class – well beyond FLOPS and MIPS.”

“For our customers it is of little significance how our supercomputers are built – but of course we realize there is great curiosity: our proprietary industrial ASIC design is extremely flexible,” he added.

The raw power of supercomputers provides higher blockchain efficiency and makes the digital currency market safe against hacking attacks. Bitcoin Brothers expects the Blockchain traffic to grow with further merchant adoption.

The cloud mining service on MSEMs is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Bitcoin Brothers provides its computing services for Bitcoin Cloud Mining and offers its blockchain authentication and transaction services for Bitcoin priority processing and for such apps as the Internet-of-Things.

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