Mining Pool Provides All Hash Power to Secure the Bitcoin Cash ABC Network

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 4 min read Mining Pool Provides All Hash Power to Secure the Bitcoin Cash ABC Network
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Recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork split the whole crypto community into two warring camps trying to gain the dominance over the hash power of the network. mining pool chose ABC side providing all of its hash power in support for mining the altcoin.

The controversial Bitcoin Cash hard fork continues to keep the crypto industry in dilemma about the possible outcome. Soon after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov.15, the blockchain split to create two new cryptocurrencies. This includes the Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Version).

Both the camps have engaged in the war of gaining dominance over the hash power of the network. Moreover, the supporters of each camp are putting all might behind this post the BCH hard fork. The mining pools supporting Bitcoin ABC are, Antpool, and On the other hand, the mining pools supporting the Bitcoin SV version include Coingeek and

The mining pool by Roger Ver is providing all of its hash power in support for mining Bitcoin Cash ABC. The mining poll of allows users to connect their own mining hardware. They also users to directly purchase the hashrate from the company while renting the miners. However, announced that if its users that if they don’t like Bitcoin ABC mining, they can chosse a different mining pool for the time being.

Hash Rate Supply from Mining pool

The mining pool provides an average of 400 petahashes of hash power for Bitcoin Core. Till now, it has minded a total of 1700 blocks for BTC core. Similarly, it has mined a total of 6000 blocks for  Bitcoin Cash. On the contrary, the Bitcoin Cash hash rate ranges significantly lower to Bitcoin core. It means that transferrring all the hash power will give a significant boost to the Bitcoin Cash ABC network.

The data provided by Coin.Dance shows that the mining pool provides an average of 5% of blocks for Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, all the hash power for the day is likely to mine the Bitcoin Cash ABC. Hence, for now, can play a big role in securing the Bitcoin Cash ABC network.

The threat of “51% attacks” are constantly looming over the ABC network until the time that ABC network shares the same hashing algorithm with the Bitcoin SV network. Moreover, with SV having more hashpower, its supporters can pose security risks to the ABC network by mining empty blocks.

Additional Hash Power Support from

Another mining outfit has pledged its support to the Bitcoin ABC. This puts some more pressure on the supporters of Bitcoin SV chain and its associated mining pools. CEO Jiang Zhuoer announced his support for the ABC network to “end [the] chaos”. contributes 6% of the Bitcoin mining on regular basis. The Coin.Dance data shows that its contribution so far has contributed around 5% of the all blocks mined.

Zhuoer explains his stand extensively on the ongoing Bitcoin Cash debate. His last week’s blog post reads:

“Therefore without an effective arbitration mechanism to prevent unnecessary splitting of the BCH chain, it will impede adoption, which implies a reduction of users. This conflicts with the ideology of high-frequency use for a cash system. […] [H]ash voting is not a segmentation based on power, but rather it assumes the role of a jury which reflects the opinion of all participants in the system. The community has the right to signal their preference using all sorts of methods to affect voting. […] Hash vote is not the same as miner vote, but rather acts like a jury to reflect opinions of everyone in the community.”

For Proof-of-Work (PoW) systems, usually, the longest chain wins. Bitcoin ABC is consistently leading Bitcoin SV in this game.

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