‘Bitcoin Fireworks’ Painting Created by Zoran Kutuzovic in Croatia

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‘Bitcoin Fireworks’ Painting Created by Zoran Kutuzovic in Croatia
Bitcoin Fireworks painting by Zoran Kutuzovic. Photo: Zoran Kutuzovic

An artist Zoran Kutuzovic created a series of abstract paintings that were inspired by digital currency.

It is evident that not all bitcoiners spend time in front of their computers. Digital currency has inspired a lot of artists and creative people to demonstrate fascination through their works.

Croatian artist Zoran Kutuzovic is a pioneer in the bitcoin sector. He first knew about digital currency from his brother. According to Kutuzovic, the bitcoin emblem seemed interesting to him and he wanted to create the artwork illustrating the crytocurrency.

Last year, the artist posted his first pictures on Bitcointalk as part of paintings series called “Bitcoin Attack” and received a positive feedback as users wanted to acquire his pictures.

Kutuzovic’s artworks are abstract and involve black, white and orange colours. The paintings include sharp contrast and circle lines, which show the constant move and development of digital currency. The artist expressed deepness with the use of black and white colors, while orange color brings the sense of modern and hot picture.

Kutuzovic has recently presented his five pictures at the bitcoin conference in Slovenia. The series of artworks was called “Bitcoin Fireworks.” The artist said: “The exhibition in Slovenia was a small presentation of my works for business people. I exhibited just a few paintings, but everyone came just to look.”

He expects to exhibit again at the bitcoin conferences in Slovania. Besides, he is going to organize exhibitions in Zagreb in Croatia. Kutuzovic is also planning to create his first sculpture in 2015 that will feature the abstract style he developed when making bitcoin paintings.

Bitcoin art pieces show that bitcoin attracts not only computer scientists, but fine artists as well. A lot of creative people tend to interpret the digital industry in their own way. There a lot of other painters who were inspired by cryptocurrency and presented their artworks recently.

For example, Peter Frölich, has created his “Untitled Mining Installation”, the mining hardware with four cryptocurrency producing units inside the baroque gold-plated frame.

Another bitcoin artwork is The Last (Bitcoin) Supper painted by French artists Youl. This is a representation of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The work is currently sold on eBay at almost $1,100.

Painted by Reddit user /u/YesterdaysNews2, the picture called “Silk Road Prison Art” illustrates the prison in Brooklyn that keeps Silk Road leader Ross Ulbrict until the trial. The painting also includes a FBI Bitcoin address that held the seized coins. In order to receive the artwork, you have to pay 1 BTC and inform the shipping address.

A number of bitcoin artists were inspired by the anonymous person Satoshi Nakamoto.

The picture created by Juan Miguel Delgado, “Satoshi”, illustrates a homeless that accepts donations from a man, who is likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Delgado intended to show that bitcoin will lead to the crash of banking system and bank executives will become homeless.

“Free Lunch” by David Kim shows Dorian Nakamoto, who was called the creator of bitcoin in March, after he began avoiding the media when the buzz around his identity arose. The painting features the moment when Nakamoto is heading to the interview with Associated Press and is waving to photographers.

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