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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Falls Below $30k for First Time Since June 22

UTC by Sanaa Sharma · 2 min read
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Falls Below $30k for First Time Since June 22
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Amidst China’s clampdown on cryptocurrency operations and anxiety over the virus crisis, Bitcoin has yet again witnessed a record decline in its price.

Bitcoin (BTC) price plunged to $30,000, plummeting beyond an exchange range that had prevailed in the previous month. The drop can lead to an even more extensive price reduction in the coming months.

The fall, which has occurred for the first time since June 22, has pulled down the prices of other cryptocurrencies too. Bitcoin had dropped by 6% whereas Ether fell by 9%. XRP, which is a digital asset by Ripple Labs, plummeted by 10%. Bitcoin was priced at $29,998 at press time and has experienced a fall of 5% over the previous week.

Amidst China’s clampdown on cryptocurrency operations in the country, Bitcoin was priced at $29,700 for some time. Bitcoin has held its position in the cost range of $30K to $40K, however, it momentarily fell below the $30K mark on June 22.

Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at Oanda, explains that Wall Street is witnessing “too much froth”. In addition to that, the present virus anxiety is activating worldwide panic trade-offs of every crypto-asset, including Bitcoin and others. Moya asserts that Bitcoin could be endangered to the $20,000 level, enabling several institutional buyers to enter the market. In addition, Moya believes that if the trading at the stock market escalates, Bitcoin and Ether are bound to carry on with the price downturn.

Head of Trading at Crypto Finance AG, Patrick Heusser suggests that a solid sink to $22K is highly anticipated. In contrast to the present situation, Bitcoin was valued at $ 50K in April. Due to the caving in of network activity, the crypto-asset is suffering de-valuation.

Because of the price fall, there has been incessant trading of cryptocurrency. Approximately $98 billion vanished from the complete crypto market in a day. The fall in the asset occurred after a giant sell-off in global stock markets, leading to risk asset devaluation across all tables. Due to apprehensions over the standard and economic recuperation of the crypto market, the realm of crypto-based assets is witnessing a significant decline.

Bitcoin saw an all-time high of about $65,000 in April. In contrast to this price, the cost of Bitcoin has now tanked to 50%.

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