BitFury’s New Data Center Will Use Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Project

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read
BitFury’s New Data Center Will Use Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Project
BitFury's immersion cooling system using 3M Novec Engineered Fluid. Photo: BitFury

3M, BitFury and Allied Control collaborate to build world’s most powerful two-phase immersion cooling project with 3M Novec Engineered Fluid.

3M Company has recently announced that BitFury’s Allied Control, the 2PIC project, will use 3M Novec 7100 Engineered Fluid, an immersion coolant with a low global warming potential.

BitFury will improve Allied Control’s 2PIC technology with Novec fluid in the Georgia data center to deploy 28 nm and 16 nm ASICs more efficiently, saving energy and lowering operational costs while meeting goals of net carbon neutrality.

Being recently acquired by BitFury Group, Allied Control is a pioneer in 2PIC, a field showing great promise in boosting data center efficiency. BitFury builds its own fully custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), PCBs, servers and data centers and tries to use renewable energy for all of its business operations and remains committed to maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible.

“With 250 KW per rack and not having reached the limits yet, we now have the ability to grow quickly and spread the cost of the cooling system over many hardware generations,” said Kar-Wing Lau, Vice President of Operations at Allied Control.”

2PIC involves placing hardware in an accessible tank of fluid coolant with a low boiling point, such as Novec 7100 fluid (61°C/142°F). The hardware heats up in the tank, then boils the Novec fluid, and this change in state pulls the heat away from the components.

The Novec fluid becomes a vapor, rises, condenses on a water-cooled condenser coil and falls back into the tank without the use of pumps. The streamlined system can deliver as much as 95 percent cooling energy savings with minimal fluid loss.

“The PUE we’ve achieved leads us to the next level of data center cooling for high performance computing. We’ve taken many steps to optimize our infrastructure for securing the blockchain and blockchain transaction processing that have led us to many different technological innovations. These experiences and technologies could be useful for next generation data center constructions of high performance computing and supercomputing,” said Valery Vavilov, BitFury CEO.

3M Novec fluids are leading the way with safer, more sustainable solutions for cleaning, cooling and fire suppression. 3M battery materials create new potential for smaller higher performing lithium ion batteries, and foldable, high-signal density cable is revolutionizing data center architecture. From the smartphone to the cloud it is connected to, EMSD solutions enable seamless integration and continuity for the digital age.

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