Bitmillex Exchange ICO Announces Working Product Launch

Place/Date: UK - July 31st, 2018 at 9:15 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: Bitmillex

The launch of the MVP, a work in progress version of the centralized exchange which has been tipped to become the most complete cryptocurrency exchange when fully completed, is a demonstration of the seriousness of the Bitmillex team, says CEO and veteran trader Malcolm Britton.

In his words, going live ahead of schedule, is a statement that Bitmillex cryptocurrency exchange is not only aimed at changing the complexion of cryptocurrency exchanging by bringing needed flavor and options that will directly and specifically address the needs of various categories of traders and investors, the team is a most committed and goal driven one.

The Uniqueness of Bitmillex

  • Hybrid Exchange: Developed to enable traders have a choice, Bitmillex is offering users a chance to  trade on the centralized platform, the decentralized platform or the Bitmillex MT5 multiterminal which is aimed mainly at allowing multi-directional trading. A complete exchange must offer a choice not only on platform but also on trading direction; either bullish (long) or bearish (short). This is a key aspect missing in most current cryptocurrency exchanges as they only enable buy trades.
  • Auto-Trade (Copy Trade): “Because cryptocurrency trading is relatively new and generating huge worldwide interest, and requires a great deal of screen watching, we feel traders who are novices or do not have the time to sit before a screen all-day, be given a chance to make profits too> For this reason, on our exchange, we have designed a pool called “mycryptobook” which will be a listing of top ranked traders on the platform who choose to subscribe to the service, so that other traders can access their performance and with a simple click of a ‘follow’ button, have their own accounts linked to the chosen lead trader’s account and have all trades executed, automatically duplicate on follower’s account.”
  • Peer to Peer lending: An industry first, a feature which enables a trader to lend his idle wallet balances to other traders who require additional funds for trading. Essentially, leveraged trading between peers. This is a totally safe arrangement for lender as system is configured to protect borrowed funds against trading losses
  • Debit Card: The need to bring cryptocurrency funds closer to fiat is what led to the design of this feature. All Bitmillex users who desire a debit card can apply and it will be dispatched to their location worldwide
  • Peer to Peer Exchange: Apart from the main trading platform, Bitmillex enables peer to peer buying and selling of BTC using flexible payment mediums such as PayPal, debit-card, wire transfer, gift cards and other non-crypto digital currencies
  • Other Unique Features: Low Trading Fees, Free trading signals to holders of the BTML token.
  • Security of Funds: We declare that Bitmillex will be the safest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with a multilayered approach to securing wallet balances and users’ details; a much needed quality in the industry given the recent wave of hacks and loss of crypto funds on exchange. We believe that no exchange can afford to leave any stone unturned with regards to security. Some of our security strategies include hosting of 98% of wallet balances offline, partnering with worlds no.1 hacker powered security services provider, HackerOne, operating fail-safe multiple servers connected to custom built Hardware Security Modules among other internal features.
  • Profit Share: Perhaps one of the most interesting features of Bitmillex is the proposed share of annual profits with holders of BTML tokens. This is another opportunity for users and holders to earn passive income on a quarterly basis, in a dividend model. Considering the profitability of exchanges and looking at the limited supply of the BMTL tokens, this looks like a very good one. According to the CEO, the profit sharing option is aimed at rewarding loyalty and encouraging “Hodling”.

Current ICO price is $0.35, representing a discount of 30% off final price. This is surely a great deal considering milestones already achieved and the uniqueness Bitmillex represents.

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