Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming Hub

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Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming Hub
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These new yield farming pools will be powered by Bitrue Coin ‘BTR,’ the native token of the Bitrue ecosystem.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue announced the launch of a new yield farming hub with the aim of helping its users maximize investment.

The new hub allows the mining of coins in a similar way to defi pools. Over 20 pools will be available with an APR of 150% or more at launch, and users will have access to diverse staking periods.

These new yield farming pools will be powered by Bitrue Coin ‘BTR,’ the native token of the Bitrue ecosystem. The native platform token of Bitrue is designed to brace all Bitrue businesses that cut across wealth management programs, voting for listings, trading fee deductions, cash deposits for projects, and loan programs.

Also, either BTR or the coin that the user wishes to mine for will be stakeable in order to begin farming. BTR has been up by more than 300% since its initial launch in July 2018.

A New Yield Is Joining Other Innovative Projects

In 2018, Bitrue launched the first crypto-centric investment service globally, and the new farming hub will join the list of all innovations.

They include Power piggy bonus interest that allows users to increase their interest rate on Power piggy from 7.3℅ to 10% based on a tier level system. Also, BTR fee deductions which would enable trading fees to be reduced by 20% if paid in BTR.

Furthermore, lockup personal caps with interest rates ranging from 10.2% to 17.3% and the dusting feature that enables you to convert spare coins to BTR for transactions.

While talking about the new farming hub, Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue said:

“By offering such a wide range of investment options with varying lockup periods, returns, and formats, Bitrue gives users the freedom to choose an investment strategy that works best for them. In addition, it makes BTR the world’s first Yield Token – a coin expressly devoted to maximizing the return on investment for cryptocurrencies.”

The new Yield Farming Hub is available on the company’s website. Launched in July 2018, Bitrue is focused on trading, loans, and investments. It aims to utilize blockchain technology to bring financial
opportunities to everybody regardless of their location status or financial position. They have offices worldwide and continue to develop new features to service the new wave of the digital economy fully.

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