Bivreost Shows Just How Easy It Is to Exchange Crypto via Telegram

Place/Date: - July 26th, 2022 at 6:44 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Bivreost

Bivreost Shows Just How Easy It Is to Exchange Crypto via Telegram
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Bivreost has announced that while the main task of creating a web application for Telegram which also provides support for quick and commission-free IOTA payments has indeed been a resounding success, it is additionally worth taking note of the fact that Bivreost was able to show everyone just how doable and easy this entire process actually is.

To that end, a presentation of the public alpha version had been carried out and the team received plenty of positive feedback, the majority of which was based on the aforementioned ease with which the process had been conducted.

What Makes Bivreost Stand Out?

Bivreost will serve as a bridge for anyone seeking to transition from centralized to decentralized business solutions. As such, the Telegram platform now offers a wider range of useful tools than many other centralized platforms. Moreover, applications that were created in conjunction with Telegram, for instance, need not be downloaded and these applications do not require registration either. Users can therefore do all sorts of things including linking the address of their crypto wallet to a unique telegram user ID, a process which has since been satisfactorily and safely carried out.

In addition, Bivreost will soon hold the inaugural private round of financing in order to expand the team and offer comprehensive services to all kinds of other projects which may desire to utilize IOTA and Telegram for business expansion purposes.

What about Past Accomplishments and Future Goals?

Bivreost’s strengths reside in its capable and committed team responsible for delivering high-quality features and services while simultaneously making the entire process safe, transparent and fun. Being able to work with the IOTA Foundation is hence a major accomplishment for Bivreost, however this is just the beginning as future goals involve finishing work on the wallet, enhancing security measures, expanding the staff, launching the beta version, and finally assisting other projects with integration.

About Bivreost

Bivreost is the very first Telegram web application built on IOTA, with the emphasis being on simplicity, quickness, and the free to use aspect. With Bivreost’s help and an advanced, user-friendly and responsive UI, it has now become even easier to successfully exchange cryptocurrency assets, as there is no longer any need to download and install additional applications to do this because Telegram is all that’s needed.

The team chose the best platforms for constructing Bivreost based on these underlying core principles. Simply put, the IOTA network is creating a fast and reliable gateway for the transfer of values by connecting 700 million Telegram users, a number that is sure to steadily grow with time.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website along with the Telegram and Twitter channels.

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