Blockbuster! Shell, a Cross-border Clearing Product of Blockchain, will Soon Issue Shell Coin!

May 8th, 2020 at 7:25 am UTC · 2 min read

Blockbuster! Shell, a Cross-border Clearing Product of Blockchain, will Soon Issue Shell Coin!

In March 2020, we mentioned that the star block chain cross-border clearing product Shell fully supports ETH recharging, withdrawal and flash exchange function, and boldly predicted that the Shell would still have great action in the future. Indeed, after fully supporting ETH flash exchange, Shell soon added BTC flash exchange channel.

With the growth of global trade settlement business, the Shell international trade block settlement platform implemented by Triton lab has expanded the number of node workers to Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, etc., and the number of global node workers has exceeded 60,000.

Recently, we received a heavy news from insiders that Triton lab, the founding team of Shell, will launch a joint issue of Shell Coin with Blackstone and Tether. This time, Triton lab will jointly issue Shell Coin with Blackstone and Tether. The purpose is to provide clients and institutions of global trading enterprises with the purpose of participating in the credit pledge of Shell platform and reviewing the credit risk assessment of enterprises. To put it simply, in the future, when enterprise settlement customers conduct trade settlement through Shell platform, they need to determine the maximum amount of each settlement amount based on the amount of Shell Coin they hold, so as to distinguish the customer level.

The launch of Shell Coin will help take an important step towards changing the business of global trade settlement. Taking credit pledge as the audit basis of credit risk assessment, it also guarantees node workers of global Shell settlement platform. The node placement plan of Shell Coin will not change the current settlement method of pledge on Shell platform.

USDT is still the core redeemable asset of Shell, and it is also connected to mainstream currencies such as ETH and BTC. The purpose of issuing Shell Coin is to allow global node workers to have the opportunity to participate in Shell Coin together. The participation details of relevant node placement plan will be further explained, and we will conduct in-depth analysis after obtaining more information.

It is reported that the node worker placement plan will be in New York time UTC/GMT-4 2020-05-12-09:00 officially open, the relevant preparations have been ready.