Blockchain-Based Platform Yumerium Decentralizes the Gaming Industry

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Blockchain-Based Platform Yumerium Decentralizes the Gaming Industry
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The gaming platform created by a well-known player on the market claims to solve the long-standing problems of the industry like high fees and fraud.

Gaming industry is serious business: its estimated volume is about $110 billion. Big money creates big players. A number of game publishers like Tencent, Square Enix, Zynga, and Gameloft have completely taken over the industry and do not want to see new rivals. One more example of the aggressive market domination does not even need explanation – it is enough just to give two names: Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Centralization may be a working business model for the gaming industry, but it can hardly be called beneficial for gamers. The lack of transparency and groundless involvement of a third party makes gaming fees high, the payments themselves slow and stimulates the fraud. It also brings up the issue of limiting the growth of user participation which hinder the development of the whole gaming industry.

Decentralization is the key  to better gaming experience and Yumerium is to prove that blockchain and smart contracts may be used to give new impetus to the gaming sphere.

Yumerium is decentralized gaming platform which has set the complicated goal: to eliminate the problems of the traditional centralized gaming industry such as fraud, high fees and substantial transaction delays. It is powered by native YUM token. The platform is working in several directions to create the space beneficial for both gamers and game developers.

Let Game Developers Do Their Job

A successful game is a result of a creative process which involves inspiration, attention to details and lots of work. However, lots of game developers have to become more of businessmen than artists as they have to deal with lots of financial concerns. High gaming fees – enlarged by the third party commission – reduce the net income; the earnings often arrive months after the development of the game is finished.

Yumerium is using the innovative technologies to enable transparent and secure fees. That means that game developers can concentrate on creating great product instead of getting involved in price wars. What is more, the platform is to support the developers with welcoming amount of YUM token companies get when registering on Yumerium.

Rewards Stimulate the Growth of Community

The usual ways of getting rewards on gaming platforms are playing the games and sharing them with friends. Yumerium offers one more opportunity – a gamer can get YAM tokens for reviewing games and creating the materials that develop the community like guides or hints. Even watching promotional videos can add some YUM tokens to the wallet.

This approach stimulated the fast development of Yumerium. Games are important but the additional content adds a lot to the popularity of the platform.

Crowdfunding Within the Platform

Yumerium helps to create effective ways of communication between game developers and gamers. One of them is crowdfunding. The users of the platform can support the projects of the games they like. This process will be simple as it uses the native YUM token.

Crowdfunding is a great way of expressing the will of the community. What is more, it helps promising developers with great ideas to start working on their games without having to attract outer investments.

Safe, Efficient and Fast Payments

Blockchain and smart contract technology have already proved their efficiency in dozens of various projects.  The benefits of the systems like transparency and high security explain their worldwide success.

The blockchain nature of Yumerium eliminates the risks of fraud and lowers the fees. Also it influences the users’ behavior: in-games purchases get cheaper and no longer require complicated procedures.

Creating a progressive gaming platform is a challenge. Subdream Labs – the developer of Yumerium – has solid experience and expertise in the sphere. Its portfolio includes successful projects that seriously influenced the understanding of gaming models like GalaNet and gPotato.

The YUM token sale is scheduled for the 24th of May. The early supporters are rewarded with the 30% discount. The Yumerium platform also supports the big players: Additional Volume Bonus Tokens start from the $50K level.

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