Blockchain Conference UCIM Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Fanfare

Place/Date: Singapore - October 1st, 2018 at 4:51 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: UCIM

With technological innovations that have catapulted internet money to a whole new dimension, offering countless opportunities for growth and profits, UCIM envisions ‘decentralization’ to be the true essence of our future. The event is being held to offer a platform for people who believe in the power and opportunities of decentralization.

The event aims to cater to the world’s curiosity by providing the right information and sharing expert opinions about futuristic technologies. It is designed to include various events that provide the ideal opportunity to forge a meaningful and long-lasting partnership with like-minded participants.

The conference also aims at promoting events that compass meaningful interactions between the participants (investors, thought leaders, media, and startups) towards adoption, investment, disruption, and regulations for a better tomorrow. All this to amalgamate professionals who believe in the potential of decentralization and are eager to form solid sustaining partnerships towards harnessing its power.

UCIM is a product believer and shares a common vision with Fanfare for discussing, promoting, and harnessing the complete potential of decentralization. Given this vision, UCIM has strategically partnered with Fanfare towards providing a platform for discussion on the limitless opportunities rendered by decentralization.

The decentralisation domain thrives on its robust community. UCIM in partnership with Fanfare aims at building a community that can benefit from business and mutual collaboration. It also garners support for promoting futuristic technologies to provide insights and help forge long-sustaining partnerships within the industry.

The partnership between UCIM and Fanfare exemplifies one such collaboration. It’s not one of the conventional associations that involve a transactional trade of benefits. Instead, UCIM will be accepting and promoting the Fan tokens, conveying its belief in the project. This one-of-its-kind strategic alliance is aimed at boosting and showcasing a plethora of scope and opportunities that the decentralized industry offers.

Fanfare is the world’s first blockchain-powered social commerce community that combines brand videos created by content creators and brands with cryptocurrency to offer an entirely new way of brand promotion, exciting prizes, and a stable system of maintaining crypto liquidity. All-in-all, a new and exciting platform that uses the revolutionary blockchain technology to innovate and substantiate, offering a win-win situation for all. The same objective that UCIM aims to establish.

The strategic partnership of UCIM and Fanfare is to nurture and promote such first-of-its-kind innovations that the blockchain-based technologies are capable of delivering. These futuristic technologies provide a glimpse of our future. UCIM along with Fanfare share the vision of letting the world know about the enormous potential that the decentralized networks possess and the benefits they offer.