Blockchain Pet Based Company Pawtocol Announces Listing on BitMart Exchange

Place/Date: - December 17th, 2021 at 3:27 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Pawtocol, Source: Pawtocol

Miami, December 16th – Blockchain-based pet company Pawtocol, the world’s most advanced pet community, have listed their token, Universal Pet Income (UPI) on the BitMart exchange.

CEO of Pawtocol, Mr. Karim Quazzani, says:

“This is a very exciting time for Pawtocol as we continue with explosive growth and offer the community yet another opportunity to have easy access to purchase UPI, which we always promised we would deliver.”

This new listing is especially important as Pawtocol has entered the $12 Billion NFT Market and is rolling out its very own NFT marketplace, the first one exclusively dedicated to the world of animals.

Blockchain Pet Based Company Pawtocol Announces Listing on BitMart Exchange

UPI is essential to create NFTs as well as buy and trade them. For pet-loving users to create these NFTs, users sign up to receive Pawtocol’s eco-friendly Blockchain Pet Tag that pairs with the Pawtocol App found either in the App Store or Google Play as well as Pawtocol’s Universal Pet Income (UPI) cryptographic token, an ERC-20 token powered by the Ethereum Blockchain to launch the process.

If a user purchases an NFT created by a shelter, they become a “virtual pet parent” and donate money to the shelter – all part of our efforts to create a “no-kill world.”

Already Pawtocol is collaborating with Costa Rican animal rescues and created the first-ever of NFTs of shelter pets which will be sold in the NFT Marketplace. “This is an amazing use case of our blockchain technology and an honorable way to utilize NFTs as a piece of art that represents an actual shelter animal,” says Mr. Quazzani. In this video, see how NFTs can help change a shelter.

In addition, Pawtocol is collaborating with artists to create “The Green NFTs” that will feature unique images of shelter pets as imagined by the artist in shades of green and created utilizing smarter, energy-saving green technology based out of Costa Rica.

To learn more about how to simply purchase UPI, go here for non-US residents and here for US Residents.

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