Crypto Winter Is Here: Here’s Why Blockchain Projects Need Best Media Support to Stay on Top

On Sep 12, 2022 at 3:28 pm UTC by · 7 min read

Since it is all about the “people”, the crypto PR agency should have influence in the social media scene; engage in various channels like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other crypto-centric fora.

The cryptocurrency bear market of 2022 has been challenging for both investors and projects.  

The combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has fallen by approximately 70 percent in the past nine months, from over $2.1 trillion posted in November 2021 to less than $600 billion in seven months by June 2022.  

This decline in investor confidence has also led to a decrease in venture capital investments into crypto projects and a sharp drop in user activity, reading from DeFi, gaming, NFT, and metaverse activities. 

Fortunately, every crisis presents an opportunity for crypto projects to pivot, adapt or find their north again. In this article, we explore why the current crypto bear market is good for the broader crypto ecosystem and how it can be an opportunity for long-term success for projects that turn their heads for expert guidance and rely on established crypto PR agencies like AtoZ PR in these trying times. 

The benefits of working with a crypto media agency, especially AtoZ, are twofold. First, they have the expertise and experience necessary to successfully navigate the often-complex world of crypto and blockchain technology. Second, they can help you tap into the growing and highly engaged crypto community, which can provide valuable feedback and insights about your project. 

Top-3 Reasons why the Crypto Winter is GOOD for Projects

To better understand why we are here, we have to cycle back and assert why a crypto bear market is, despite the bleed, good for projects who want to be tempered and lead in their respective categories. The market is cyclic, and before the market recovers, the multi-month crypto winter freeze does the following: 

  • It helps weed out weak and unviable projects, leaving only the strongest and most robust ones standing. This can lead to a consolidation of the industry and a more focused development effort from remaining projects.  
  • A bear market reset expectations and brings valuations back down to more realistic levels. This can make it easier for new entrants to the market to gain a foothold, and also make it easier for existing projects to raise further funding. During a bear market there is typically less overall activity in the crypto sphere. This means that there is less competition for users and projects can actually gain more traction if they dedicate their already thin resources to the experience offered by a reputable crypto PR agency. 
  • A crypto winter can lead to increased innovation as teams are forced to find new ways to cut costs and drive adoption. Typically, in a multi-month long bear market, there tends to be more interest in innovative projects. This is because investors are looking for the next big thing and are willing to take on more risk. This can actually be a great environment for ambitious projects to convey their messaging to investors and those ready to put their capital to resilient projects.  

As history shows, a bear market is a necessary cleansing process that ultimately leads to a healthier and more sustainable crypto industry.  

Anton Kuklev, a partner at AtoZ emphasized the need for projects to go on and look at the bigger picture: 

“There are a few key reasons why it can be beneficial for projects to soldier on and build when prices are suppressed.Besides increasing the long-term value of the project, you can make your project even more attractive and valuable to investors when prices begin to rebound. Tapping on our experience means your project, despite the winter, will be relevant, visible, and resilient in quality and social media presence.”  

What Makes a Good Crypto PR Strategy?

If then this is the case, what then should a crypto project planning to stay ahead of the competition and survive the winter do? The best course of action is to approach experienced experts; marketing experts with verifiable track records through a dedicated crypto PR agency firm like AtoZ whose tentacles spread across the entire crypto media spectrum to prop the project just when they need them to. With their expertise, they can help create a good PR strategy and kick-start the process of guiding the project through the bumps of the debilitating crypto winter.  

The question will always be: how can a founder or the team know whether their strategy is good or bad? Will they blindly trust the “so-called experts”?  After all, walking the talk is far more convincing especially considering initiating this talk and priming it for the sake of survival requires money and time that would, in a bull market, be dedicated elsewhere.  

There are a few key characteristics that make up a good crypto PR strategy.

First and foremost, the PR should be clear and concise about the project and what it is trying to achieve. The strategy needs to articulate the project’s vision in a way that is easy for people to understand, without being too technical. It is also important to have a strong and positive relationship with the media, as they will be the ones helping to get your message out there. If messaging is key, then AtoZ is at the top as they work with more than 420 YouTube Vloggers. 

Furthermore, the strategy needs to be proactive and the team behind willing to put in the work to get the project in front of as many people as possible. Finally, once the message has been received, there should be a way for the projects, preferably through the agency, to respond to as many questions as possible in a timely and professional manner. 

Maxim Gazeev, a co-founder of AtoZ PR, said they have the skill, experience, and talent to create excellent marketing strategies perfectly suited for crypto projects. Maxim noted and urged firms to redouble their efforts when others are tightening to maintain the much-needed visibility. 

“During bear markets, many investors are looking to pull their money out of the market. This can make it difficult for crypto projects to raise the necessary funds to continue operating. By partnering with AtoZ during this time, we can not only help attract new investors and keep your business afloat but aptly demonstrate to the world that your project is stable and trustworthy, regardless of market conditions. This is immense!” 

How AtoZ Helps You Weather the Winter

Since it is all about the “people”, the crypto PR agency should ideally have influence in the social media scene; engage in various channels like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other crypto-centric fora. Platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter are especially popular for crypto enthusiasts.  

As a project, you will need to have their attention, reaching out to millions of people waiting for them to hear your message, your game plan, and what you have in store for them even despite the turn and twirls of the crypto market. 

With the help of AtoZ, a crypto project can easily and quickly reach out to the masses, disseminating your message confidently.  

In that regard, AtoZ steps in as follows:  

  • Creating compelling content: It’s only necessary. If you want people to follow you on social media, you need to give them a reason to do so. Atoz will help in creating compelling, high-quality, interesting, and engaging crypto content your target audience will find valuable and interesting. 
  • Online activity: In order to keep your followers engaged, you need to be active on social media and responsive to their comments, questions, and concerns. It’s important to be active and engaging on your chosen social platforms. AtoZ will make sure you’re regularly sharing fresh content, respond to comments and questions, and generally become involved in the conversation.  

AtoZ has demonstrated that they are reliable and professional, and help steer projects to greatness. They have worked with among other blockchain projects, Kava, NEM, and over 30 high-value crypto projects. 


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