Blockstack Launches ‘Universal’ Dapp Store to Create Decentralized Internet

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Blockstack Launches ‘Universal’ Dapp Store to Create Decentralized Internet
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Given the growth in blockchain-based decentralized apps number, web developer Blockstack has created the universal Dapp Store.

Decentralized web developer Blockstack is one step closer to its vision of web 3.0 with the introduction of, a directory for decentralized applications or dapps.

With every month, there are more and more dapps, a number of them are decentralized versions of the apps that have been already known in their not decentralized versions. Such giants as WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and Google docs also have their decentralized counterparts.

A decentralized alternative to WhatsApp is called Stealthy. The name of YouTube’s decentralized version is DTube. A decentralized counterpart of Google docs is known as Graphite. Today, decentralization also comes to social networks as well with Twitter’s decentralized alternative called Peepeth that is already available.

Blockstack team strongly believes into the necessity to make dapps closer to a wide audience. Bearing this idea in mind, the team has announced its new project – the first ecosystem-wide, universal Dapp Store that represents itself an aggregator of available dapps.

At the moment, on this platform you can already find over 150 dapps built on Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, etc.  The range of dapps includes gaming dapps, social networking dapps and those that are used in the sphere of financing. Nevertheless, it is expected that the number of the dapps available will be increasing.

Right now, it may take you long to find the best dapp that will meet all your needs and requirements as today there are too many various channels to access them.  The idea of the Dapp Store is similar to that of Apple’s App Store, for example. The Dapp Store will facilitate the way you can discover what you are looking for and will provide developers with an opportunity to feature their dapps in one place.

In the future, Blockstack plans to add user ratings to their platform. It will help to rank dapps across the entire ecosystem. As it is written in the company’s official blog post, they “want to democratize dapp development, and reward developers for great user experiences”.

Ryan Shea, co-founder of Blockstack, said that their aim is to connect decentralized app developers with their potential users. The project the launch of which is viewed as a milestone for development of dapps will be free for developers.

“The goal here is to demonstrate, to really bring together app developers and users and provide value in connecting the two. We want to help users discover decentralized applications. We launched our browser last year which was a great success, and after that we started noticing people were building real apps on top of our platform, and this last year we were focused on learning from them,” – explained Shea.

The team says that their Dapp Store is created with an aim to unite the decentralized community and to familiarize users with all the opportunities that decentralization has brought to different industries.

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